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Monday is Girlfriend Day!

Mondays is GIRLFRIEND day. This has been proven beyond reasonable doubt. There are two kinds of men who are having an affair. The married type and the single ones. The Married Man: For the married type, the weekend is sacrosanct. They need to spend time with their family, their kids, and their parents. They attend to all the chores that the wife has given them; their society wants them to do and be good men for the sake of keeping their homes intact. By Monday they have spent 48 hours with their family and feel they truly need a break. Mondays are rarely `client meeting days’ in the evening. Almost no client wants to go out “drinking” and talk about the future after a hard day at work. Nevertheless, all men need some fun. They do not really want to go back home and talk about household chores. That is when they turn to their girlfriends. A married man has a very patient girlfriend.She understands that this man has “issues” to sort out and needs time to figure out his home affairs befor…

Twitter Contest - Free Give Aways of Madhuri's Wardrobe!

I've recently crossed 1000 followers mark, as a gratitude I am going to give some gifts to my twitter followers.

All they have to do

a.Follow me on twitter!/Madhuribanerjee

b. Go to LMVODI page on the facebook
b. Click like (this is required for tagging)

c. Click on 'tag this photo' link and type in your twitter id  - @yourname

Still confused check out the utube video to do it-
 If you're the winner, you will get the accessory or attire. And if you live in Mumbai, I might even give it to you in person!

This contest is only for my twitter followers. So get a twitter handle soon and you could become a lucky winner of designer stuff ;)

5 Women Every Man Wants...But Should Never Have!

A fun blog post to make us laugh. :) 1.The Celebrity – Whether it is an Angelina Jolie or a Katrina Kaif, every man wants to be with a hot, desirable celeb. If she has done an `item number’, even better. If she is unattainable and mysterious, it drives him wild. The ability of the celeb to be multi talented gives it an even greater edge. Not only is she hot, but she is powerful. Some men even have the `celebrity worship syndrome’ where they feel they need to “protect” the celeb from vicious talks about her. Men have a vivid imagination when it comes to celebs. They can immediately put themselves in the shoes of the man right alongside the celeb. They think that they are Brad Pitt in the bedroom, the Akshay Kumar in the rain song, or even a Transformer attacking Megan Fox in a movie. They can visualize her in front of them and better yet, if there is an mms scandal, they will download it and visualize themselves filming it. The celeb however loses her edge when she gets pregnant. This …

5 Ways To Ease Stress

5 WAYS TO EASE STRESS: With high power jobs, demanding relationships and manic traffic, it is proven that high blood pressure, cholesterol, and anxiety attacks are common phenomenon amongst men in their 30s. Adding to this, bad eating habits, a lack of support and frustrated ambitions cause even the best man to succumb to health issues. To combat this men need a different way of easing their life a little bit. 1.Daily Exercise: Yes, you’ve heard it before. You even had that gym membership that you went to four times in the entire year, you hired a personal trainer and you even tried yoga with your wife but the daily exercise is something you just can’t do. It is boring and with all that work, you feel you need to finish off through the day; you would rather sleep an extra hour than exercise. But what if exercising was fun? List 5 things you love to do and would do every day. Then go ahead and try one for each of the week of the month. Join tennis classes for a week so you will not get b…


So we're having a contest for the best story told in 50 words or less.

Here's an opportunity for telling your story to the world: your own, a friend's, made-up, or a mixture of them all. Any kind of story that you were reminded of when reading the book.

You have a maximum of 50 words to express yourself with.

Post your story on the page's wall. Link above.

The story with the maximum number of 'likes' wins. So after you post your story, tell all your friends to 'like' the post to ensure your win!

The winning post will be specially featured on the Page, on my blog AND might get used with the writers name in other publications.

Last date for posting: 25th June.

What are you waiting for? Write on!!!

Mumbai Mirror & Ahmedabad Mirror carry Article on Relationships with my take on it!

Happily ever after?
A recent study suggests that reading too many romance novels could ruin your chances of developing a real relationship.Chicklit writers and experts debate the claim
By Namrata Bhawnani Posted On Friday, June 17, 2011

On rainy days like these, it is a guilty pleasure for women to curl up with a good romance novel where the sex is as steamy and hot as the cuppa coffee they might be relishing. As the perfect, fabulously rich hero sets the heroine's loins on fire, the readers enjoy a vicarious thrill.

And when the hero and heroine climax simultaneously every time they unite in bliss, the female readers may heave a sigh or two themselves. The glamour and sheen of the fantasy world, unfortunately, rarely translates into real life. So much for Mr Darcy.

So how do bonkbusters, chicklit and romance novels affect a woman's perception of a real romance? Recently, an article on stirred up a debate when Mormon life coach Kimberly Sayer-Giles suggest…

Marie Claire Interview !!



The Murder of J Dey.

I did not know Jyotirmoy Dey. In fact, I didn’t recollect any of his stories until I re-read them in the papers a few days ago. Then I remembered. His stories were to the point, truthful and honest. Probably much like him. Your work reflects who you are. In addition, for the entire buzz around, all I can decipher is that he was one in a million. A man who will probably have thousands of eulogies and many posthumous awards. J. Dey. A Bengali living in Mumbai, a family man, a middle class person. I cannot comprehend the loss that loved ones are feeling. All I can say is that I empathize and give my deepest condolences. What is really bothering me about this murder is not only that a simple, hardworking journalist has been shot dead, but that there has been no uproar from the society yet. It is as if, the papers are read, a few clucking noises are made and then the cocktails are brought out. Where is the media and the people asking, neigh demanding an explanation and getting its entire p…

The First Time : a poem, a memory, a feeling.

The first time I saw you You were wearing black. You walked straight past me Not knowing, not caring, not wanting. You smiled as you got to the door And just as you opened it You looked back.
The first time we kissed Was in your car Under the flickering street lamp Not planning, not understanding, not concerned. And then you dropped me home And left me alone.
The first time we made love It lasted the entire night Gripping. Hungry. And raw. Not spoken, not comprehended, not defended. And when the dawn broke Our other life began.
The first time you said goodbye I cried my heart out Till I could feel nothing anymore. Not realizing, not believing, not speaking. The senses stood still for a long time And then it didn’t matter anymore.
The first time I remembered you Was when it rained today. Soaking my clothes, touching my skin, caressing my face. Not with consent. Not with concern. Not with consequence. Just like, you had taken my heart. The first time you saw me.

All Voices Nina Rai writes about Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas!

Madhuri Banerjee – The gorgeous and hot new writer in townMumbai : India | Jun 09, 2011 By Nina Rai
Report by: Nina Rai
Mumbai, 9th June 2011:
Madhuri Banerjee is as lovely as her name sake Indian actress Madhuri DixitMadhuri Dixit; the author of the best-selling book entitled 'Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas,' which is the fictional story of 30-year-old Kaveri an interpreter by profession whose goal is to 'figure out the language of love'.
The director of her own boutique, creative production house called Gray MatterGray MatterSolutionSolution; Madhuri is a complete media professional. She has contributed her best efforts to all forms of the visual medium namely TV, advertisements, documentaries and even films.
Where Hindi films and Bollywood is concerned this multi-talented lady has worked as a senior assistant director for well-known film-makers like Subhash GhaiSubhash Ghai, Rohan Sippy, and Kaizad Gustad and even music director Anu MalikAnu Malik.
Having a …

Monsoon Memories

It’s raining again. I just put the clothes away. I’m sitting here in this corner of mine. Close to nothing, and away from it all. It’s so silent. Peaceful. And yet there is something missing. Something. I can see the rain softly speaking to me. It’s been so long since someone spoke to me. No, not the regular stuff. They don’t matter. Fake smiles. Artificial laughter. My life. What is it now. People talking. More promises. The rain lashes down. Forcing me to remember. And then there was you. I tried to forget. I moved on. Time was supposed to heal me. It never really does. Do you remember? Me…those times… that song.. The rain. I run my fingers down my face…softly.. Just the way you used to. My skin tingles. It doesn’t go away you know. The memories. They don’t die. I don’t know if I love you still. I don’t know if I even want you back. I just know that it’s this damn rain It’s pulling my body to you. Like we did that day.

IBN LIVE CHAT on Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas...and lots of other ideas!!

Oh I'm going to be on IBN LIVE Webchat tomorrow. So post your questions on  and from 4-6 pm (IST) on Wednesday 8th June I'll answer ANYTHING!

Interacting with people, talking about all sorts of things...Looking forward to it big time!

Be there!


I.Already. Know Yes I need to move on. You don’t need to say it again and again. I’m turning and leaving now. You’ve seen enough of my tears. Did it matter? Did it move you at all? One last glance. I’ve stopped screaming. You can turn now. No I’m not ok. Am I supposed to be? Was that the end you imagined? Silence doesn’t help. Not now. It was my fault. Actually not. I told you what I wanted. I told you. What did you want? I know what you want now. It took too long for you to decide. You wasted my time. Yes I’m ranting again. But maybe this last bit of energy is worth it. Maybe you need to hear it. Will it matter? Will you come back? No. I don’t even want that. It’s not easy. It never is. Yet we do it again and again and again. Fall in love. Yes this is what heartbreaks feel like.