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Peshawar Killing. Global Shock.

We have lost 144 children today. 7 Terrorists stormed an Army Public School in Peshawar on 16th December 2014 and shot children. Children. Children who wanted to grow up and make the world a better place, to dream, to earn, to fly, to laugh, to live. There is no justification for this act of gruesome murder. There is no humanity left.
16th December seems to be a black day in history. 2 years ago it was the Nirbhaya case that made the world sit up and take notice and now it’s shootings of 144 children in a school in Peshawar.
Needless to say every Whatsapp group is now sharing rage rather than jokes. The papers are showing images of people and children all around the world praying for peace. We are all numbed by this horrific act of the Taliban.
No! Life cannot go on until the world unites in stopping these heinous crimes. Unless the world says these are our children, not yours, but ours, nobody can move. Till the world says I feel your pain. Help us, help you. let us not look away. It is…

Scandalous Housewives Review: Strong, Unflinching Women.

"What is commendable is that the author's portrayal of women isn't stereotypical. Though all the protagonists are housewives, neither of them has been portrayed as gharelu, sushil, sundar type nor the other extreme - promiscuous...the pace keeps you hooked." Sneha Madhavan. Absolute India newspaper.

Buy Scandalous Housewives here:

The Art of a Good Kiss

My first boyfriend didn’t know how to kiss. He would just open his mouth and slobber all over my lips. It was awful. No matter how nice and wonderful he was, I had to dump him because he never got the fact that kissing was the most sensuous thing for a woman. Kissing keeps your relationship alive. Kissing is the first step to foreplay. Kissing is an art that require less saliva and more intention. Kissing is always followed by wise words! Here are the different types.  1.Getting to know you kiss – The first or second date kiss. After a lovely conversation you are dropping the girl home. You know a little about her and think she’s really hot. You don’t want to over step. So you walk her in front of her place and face her. Lean in slightly, close your eyes, open your mouth by only half an inch like a fish and kiss her softly. Don’t use your tongue and don’t suck around anything! If she likes it, she’ll ask you do it again. Repeat. Don’t try to grope, etc because she’s liked this! Say “Go…

Relationships and Physics

Me. What do you think about relationships?
Male friend - Its like physics.  Free protons r energy particles flying arr. No neg or positive charge. Sometimes they join a neg atom and make it a positive atom. Now the protons change a lot to be a part of the atom and give up freedom of flying arr and choose to circle an orbit in an atom. And the only change the atom goes through is that its charge changes from neg to positive. Like men. So. Basic laws of physics. Me. Aahh.

The Kung Fu of Foreplay

Foreplay seems like a land Far Far way, where no man has ever gone. And no man has ever understood. Foreplay is that word, that phenomenon, that enigma that eludes the comprehension of every male in the world. Yes, there are a few who will say they can last “45 minutes.” Or even declare, “They can give the best orgasm to the woman.” But do not kid yourself when you say you are good at foreplay. No matter how many educational degrees you have acquired, or diploma courses you’ve taken in your life, foreplay is the one course that you’ve never been interested in. Foreplay is the degree, the idea, the intent that you need to master to keep your woman, any woman at your mercy always. Now before you understand what foreplay is you must change three things about yourself. 1.Patience – You will need patience to master this phenomenon. 2.Softness – You will need delicate fingertips and be gentle when you have foreplay. 3.Timing – If you move to an erogenous zone too fast, you’ve lost your woman…

India Today Woman

This is the second time I've been featured in the India Today Woman magazine. Feel completely honoured and humbled by this experience. It just goes to show that the Universe is looking out for you so just do your work and things will happen. Scandalous Housewives Mumbai is a super success. I feel that after the end of this series I'll stop writing books for some time. Will take a break to try something new. It's the October issue for all those who want to read the article.  And my book is available at Flipkart Amazon Infibeam. You can pick the story you want to read!

Are Relationships Necessary?

Was pondering this a few nights ago. Got the answer back from a friend today. Thought I shd blog abt it. What do you think? Q. Are relationships meant to stagnate? Or die out? Or do ppl carry on bcos they believe in that love and find new shades? Do the relationships even matter in the long run? A.In my opinion- almost all  relationships tend to follow a pre-determined course because of the common denomination of human behaviour. Comfort and subsequent stagnation and lethargy are therefore common consequences in a romantic one. Relationships matter till you are determined to play an active part in society- so their failure or success affect one's idea of well being. As to the importance of a single relationship, that's entirely dependent on the people involved. No relationship is indispensable. How important a role it plays in yur personal happiness quotient is what determines when its time to let go.

Scandalous Housewives Book Review

By The Dehradun Post
by NEHA SAINI on SEPTEMBER 21, 2014More than raunchy tale of Lust, Kinky Sex!Madhuri Banerjee is back with another racy read on love and relationships titled ‘Scandalous Housewives: Mumbai’. The book revolves around the lives of four housewives living in a residential high rise of Mumbai. As the parallel stories of these four women progress forward, the reader is compelled to ponder upon the role a housewife (read homemaker) plays in a family.The book promises a raunchy tale of lust, lies, betrayal and of course a final show down but I would urge you not to judge the book by its cover. At many points the novel surprises the reader by the immense depth of its female characters and their paradigm shifting portrayal. Amidst the kinky sex episodes and saucy secrets, the author portrays the ‘lovely ladies’ in bold colours of liberty, breaking all forms of restraint; pushing all boundaries and stepping over all thresholds.The plot of the story, though thin through the …

An Interview on AuthorTv on Advantage Love

A Maxim-umm Moment

There are three milestones that would make an author complete. 1. When you win an international prize (Man Booker/ Pulitzer)    2. When your book sells really well. (1 Million plus copies) 3. When you get a column to write. (Maxim!) When Maxim magazine asked me to be their Sex and Relationship columnist, I knew I had achieved at least one out of the three things I wanted from my career.

But when they called me and told me they wanted to launch my book and me as a columnist in a grand event, I was overwhelmed.
See, I have a confession to make; I am terribly afraid of public speaking. I feel anxious and nervous. I don’t sleep for several nights. I wonder incessantly what I will say, how I will look, and what I will do. When I finally went on stage my heart was fluttering and I had butterflies in my stomach. The Emcee asked me, “What inspired you to write Scandalous Housewives? Are any of these stories true?” And in that moment I lost all my inhibition. If I wasn’t going to be just me, what w…

Scandalous Housewives Launch with Maxim

Maxim magazine launches my new book Scandalous Housewives Mumbai. And introduces me as their new sex Columnist.
With Richa Chadha at the Maxim event it was a night to remember forever.
I would get Richa to play the character Arti from the novel.
Now off to write it as a screenplay! Get the book here to read about all the sex scandal and betrayals! 
Scandalous Housewives Flipkart link:

Scandalous Housewives: The first reaction

The box comes. I know what it is. I scream in happiness. The months of preparation. A whole year of living with the idea. Endless worry. Prayers for it being right. Weeks of being anti social. I rip open the box and hold my fifth baby in my hands. Scandalous Housewives.

I know the fight it has taken to come out. But how will it do now?

It can only be a success if everyone buys a copy. It takes time and effort to make the book. A compromise on your social and family life because you believe in a career. You believe that this is the only thing that you want to do for the rest of your life. You believe that good writing will triumph great marketing. You believe that friends will spread the word. You believe that the power of a story will put food on your table. You believe the days of loneliness will be worth it. And you release your book into the world hoping that your dream won't die and your year won't be a waste. And that someone will order it. How stupid writers are na? ;)


Scandalous Housewives: Mumbai

What happens when what lies between the sheets becomes the linen that is washed in public?

Sapphire Towers: just another residential high-rise in Mumbai where the humdrum routine of daily life carries on with clockwork precision. But, beneath the tranquil surface lurks a web of deceit and lies spun by a group of lonely housewives.
Gita, frustrated mother of two young daughters, longs to escape the monotony of marriage—and spice up her sex life in the most wicked fashion. Sarita, conservative Gujarati housewife and mother, is addicted to kinky sex and pays a dear price for it. Stylish working mother, Aarti, nurses an appalling secret that could end her marriage. And sultry ex-model Natasha, who seems to have it all, is hopelessly in love with a much younger man—the son of one of her friends.
Even as these women scramble to conceal their darkest secrets, an anonymous email is sent out to all the residents of Sapphire Towers, and has horrific consequences.
Racy and unputdownable, Scandalou…

How to Manage a One Night Stand

Sex in summer is hot. Literally! But who has the time to get into a new relationship? You need something quick and casual. A one night stand! A one night stand is a spontaneous sexual encounter with a person without any strings attached. And with a hope that you won’t ever see them again. It’s about lust. A raw desire. A surrender to your primal instinct. A deep need for passion. But not everyone can get it right. Here’s how you can master the art.
15 Rules to a One Night Stand:
1.Clean Up – Just because it’s hot, doesn’t mean you can’t be well groomed. Trim that beard, take a shower, brush your teeth, splash on some cologne and wear a clean, crisp shirt when you head out. The better you look the more chances you have to finding a girl.
2.Tidy Up – You will be bringing a woman home if you’re lucky. She doesn’t want to lie on top of a bed full of clothes, a sofa full of newspaper, a wet bathroom with used towels on the floor or any other mess you have in the apartment. Organise your spa…

5 Reasons Why Social Media Won’t Guarantee Sales

1.Facebook Likes – You’ve made a film. You’ve written a book. You’ve done the one thing that so many people have never done. So what do you do next? Tell the world obviously. And the only way is through Facebook. Media planners and internet experts will tell you to start a Facebook page, start a personal group, and post on your own timeline. So you put up photos, reviews, columns, excerpts, illustrations, anything you can to tell the world what you’ve done. You promote your page. You spend shit loads of money in advertising and it will show you how many number of people the post has reached out to. You get more and more likes. But guess what? It isn’t going to guarantee sales. 2.Twitter Re-tweets – A tweet is a thought written in 140 characters. But to get the maximum number of re-tweets you must write succinctly, intelligently, humorously and identify with the audience. Write what they think but can’t express in words that you can, and leave enough room for their few characters to fit…

5 Rules to be a Great Parent

It is a misconception that as soon as you have a child, you’ll become great parents. Just because you can provide for your child and keep him safe and fed, doesn’t mean you’re the best parent in the world. I’ve heard from my friends “He’ll grow up anyway. Look at us. We turned out ok.” We forget that earlier times were simpler. I don't know everything about parenting. I learn as the days go by. But this is what I know so far:
1.Have A Routine – Contrary to what you think, children do better when they’re in a routine than when they’re left to themselves. During school days, they must have a schedule which they should follow. Set a time for your child to wake up in the morning, eat, play, study, go to school, read, bathe, sleep. You must find a balance as well. And with each activity allow ten minutes for the child to get into it instead of forcing him to stick to the exact time. In between if, they want to watch an hour of TV or do something that’s different, allow them to do so. B…

Advantage Love Book Review - Book Geeks Blogger

By for Rupa Publications I have read Madhuri Banerjee’s work before. It was much before we envisaged BookGeeks and thus, I never got a chance to post its review on our website. “Advantage Love” is way more complicated and demanding in terms of writing than “Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas” was, but I must say that, Madhuri has done a really good job out of it. When I sat down to read this book (with its charming title and beautiful cover design), I already had a preconceived notion in my mind; that which said that this book is going to be yet another of those, which proves the point – don’t judge a book by its cover (and title). To say that Madhuri’s writing has matured over time would be a great understatement for she has conked-out all my notions and proved me (and I believe everybody else who read her first book) wrong. But more on that later; let’s get on with a hint of the story first. Trisha is a strong opinionated and independent girl from Lucknow, who comes t…

5 Rules of a Great Marriage

Somehow, the earlier generation got it right. The husband was the provider and the woman the nurturer. They had their roles defined, almost written in stone. There were no complications, no angry bouts over not understanding each other and definitely lesser divorces. Our generation is just lost in the field of relationships and when we think we know everything, we decide to settle down and get married and make the other person as confused as us. With the rate of divorce in 2010 as high as one in four couples in India, people are grappling to figure out what to do to have a healthy marriage. Here are a few tips. 1.Communicate Positively– Don’t just talk to each other about what you did in the day, your bosses’ angst, the traffic problems, your children’s school issues and the deadlines you need to finish this weekend. It’s all boring! Share what excited you about your day. Convey how you accomplished your dream today or how you overcame a difficulty in office. Share some gossip about f…