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5 Hilarious Mistakes We Make About Sex

There has been tremendous controversy with my new book Mistakes Like Love And Sex. People are continuously asking me “how can sex be a mistake?” Read on to find out what I think are the mistakes people make in and about sex.
5 Mistakes About Sex:
1.Not Getting Enough - Honestly sometimes, you need to schedule the sex in. There will always be work, children, deadlines, commitments, etc. You need to put some time away and say “Saturday we’re doing it!” Otherwise, it’s never going to happen and you won’t be able to remember whether it was circa 90s that you had sex or was it in the new millennium. A man/woman needs sex as much as they need food. Set a date with your partner. Keep the children busy or better yet, drop them off at a friend’s place. If you don’t have kids, you really don’t have an excuse. Switch off your phones while you make love. Nothing more annoying than a Watsapp ping! Besides penciled in sex, quickies are a good way to enforce that scheduled sex need not be the norm. A…

Talking about Mistakes Like Love And Sex on 94.3FM with Hrishi K.

So my interview with Hrishikesh Kannan was on air today at 9am on 94.3 FM.

Was super excited that a friend of mine arranged the meeting. He told me to go with the flow. He had already read my book Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas and had a copy of Mistakes Like Love And Sex that he was going through before we started. Couldn't believe that he had read it cover to cover in just three days!

I told him that I was a bit nervous and my voice was "tilly" so didn't know how I would sound on the radio. Had been trying to get a cold for the last 3 days so I could have more base and sound sexier. He said it didn't matter.
I also told him to cut when I fumbled and retake it. He laughed and said - people care more about personalities than fumbling. So be yourself.

So I tried to be myself. Spoke about Kaveri the protagonist of my book. Spoke about relationships, my column in Asian Age and CNN-IBN. Spoke about the difference between men and women and how I would l…

The Writing Business and Labels. The DNA Review

It's a double edged sword.
This writing business.
I wrote Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas because it was a story I needed to tell. The fact that it had a few sensuous scenes in it hardly took away from the adventures of the protagonist's search for True Love.
The story ended for me there. With Kaveri giving up Arjun and finding Ray, with all her notions of what a perfect man should be subverted into disbelief.
But the publishers loved the idea of Kaveri's story going on. It had sold 50,000 copies! People needed to know more.
So I wrote Mistakes Like Love And Sex.
And now I'm labeled as an erotic writer or as a chick lit writer.
True I can write about relationships and love and sex and a deep loss of it all. I've faced it, embraced it, understood it and can now put it down in words. I don't mingle words about any of the above. There needs to be passion in your writing and it's not just about the sex scenes. I hope I bring that to my books and …

Love Guru Advice: Scared of the wedding night

Dear Love Guru,
I’m getting married next month and am quite anxious about the wedding night. I’m a virgin. Are there any tips for not goofing up? Love, Priyanka
Dear Priyanka, Congratulations on remaining a virgin until you get married. Wonderful achievement. Don’t worry about the wedding night too much. The more you worry, the more you will be tense. You need to enjoy yourself. Connect with your husband. If it’s in a hotel, keep the room temperature to a comfortable degree for both of you, instead of feeling too cold. Also, make sure that you put the do not disturb sign outside your door and on your phone so you have enough privacy. Start with foreplay. Kissing, cuddling, necking, touching gently, slowly removing each other’s clothes, softly running your fingers down each other’s back and gently to other areas. Don’t be intimated. This is your spouse. Ask each other what you want and do those things like kissing more behind the neck or lying down and him kissing you all over your back. W…

Exclusive! Excerpt from Mistakes Like Love And Sex


Miraculously, several things happened the very next day. One of my brokers called and said a new place had just opened up on the market, and though it was in Santacruz West, not Bandra as I had wanted, it was in my budget. He asked if I wanted to take a look. When I went and saw the apartment, I knew instantly I wanted it. It was a small one-bedroom apartment with off-white paint peeling off the walls but a decent bathroom and marble kitchen in an old building that overlooked a large lawn. The location—slightly away from the main road, but close enough for easy access—was perfect. I decided to sign the lease right then. I finally had a roof over my head. Later that day, Aditi went through her phone directory and found the number of a close friend of hers who used to work as a producer but knew the entire media industry and could help me connect to some people. It was a great idea. The more people I met, the better idea I would get of the types of jobs out there fo…

Mistakes Like Love And Sex: Review


CNN-IBN Chat: Are relationships getting more complicated as time progresses?

Wanted to interact more with people who were having relationship problems. Felt that too many people asked me questions on Twitter and I was unable to answer only in 140 characters. Some things needed more explanations. So CNN-IBN decided to do a chat with me and for one hour I interacted with people in a chat room. From answering questions on who's my favourite superhero to how to manage a boyfriend who only thinks about porn, I answered all questions.

Read, learn, enjoy, laugh and join me next time!

Mistakes Like Love And Sex Poster

A poster I designed with a friend of mine. I love working on my book. I'm horribly passionate about every small detail. I hope people like it and enjoy the books!

Monsoon Memories

It’s raining again. I just put the clothes away. I’m sitting here in this corner of mine. Close to nothing, and away from it all. It’s so silent. Peaceful. And yet there is something missing. Something. I can see the rain softly speaking to me. It’s been so long since someone spoke to me. No, not the regular stuff. They don’t matter. Fake smiles. Artificial laughter. My life. What is it now. People talking. More promises. The rain lashes down. Forcing me to remember. And then there was you. I tried to forget. I moved on. Time was supposed to heal me. It never really does. Do you remember? Me…those times… that song. The rain. I run my fingers down my face…softly.. Just the way you used to. My skin tingles. It doesn’t go away you know. The memories. They don’t die. I don’t know if I love you still. I don’t know if I even want you back. I just know that it’s this damn rain It’s pulling my body to you. Like we did that day.

The Discussion at Samanvay Lit Fest, Habitat Delhi

I spoke at the Samanvay Lit Fest on Saturday 3rd November.
Samanvay is a festival at the India Habitat Centre that brings together many writers and performers of various languages on one platform.
My panel discussion was on "Where is my reader?" It was most interesting to be sitting next to 3 esteemed writers.

Jai Arjun Singh in the blue was the moderator. He writes for The Hindu, Tehelka and has written a book about teh cult film Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron which has been recently re-released.

Biman Nath, the author of The Tattooed Fakir spoke about how he is not media savvy and hoped the story sells itself.

Palash Krishna Mehrotra is called for many "readings" at the Hauz Khas Village but they end up being a dance party and he has a few beers and goes home. His book The Butterfly Generation is extremely popular and I've ordered it from Flipkart today itself. Palash should really write comedy since the audience was in splits over his answers to Jai's questions…

A Poem: The First Time

The first time I saw you You were wearing black. You walked straight past me Not knowing, not caring, not wanting. You smiled as you got to the door And just as you opened it You looked back.
The first time we kissed Was in your car Under the flickering street lamp Not planning, not understanding, not concerned. And then you dropped me home And left me alone.
The first time we made love It lasted the entire night Gripping. Hungry. Raw. Not spoken, not comprehended, not defended. And when the dawn broke Our other life began.
The first time you said goodbye I cried my heart out Till I could feel nothing anymore. Not realizing, not believing, not speaking. The senses stood still for a long time And then it didn’t matter anymore.
The first time I remembered you Was when it rained today. Soaking my clothes, touching my skin, caressing my face. Not with consent. Not with concern. Not with consequence. Just like, you had taken my heart. The first time you saw me.