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Scandalous Housewives Review: Strong, Unflinching Women.

"What is commendable is that the author's portrayal of women isn't stereotypical. Though all the protagonists are housewives, neither of them has been portrayed as gharelu, sushil, sundar type nor the other extreme - promiscuous...the pace keeps you hooked." Sneha Madhavan. Absolute India newspaper.

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The Art of a Good Kiss

My first boyfriend didn’t know how to kiss. He would just open his mouth and slobber all over my lips. It was awful. No matter how nice and wonderful he was, I had to dump him because he never got the fact that kissing was the most sensuous thing for a woman. Kissing keeps your relationship alive. Kissing is the first step to foreplay. Kissing is an art that require less saliva and more intention. Kissing is always followed by wise words! Here are the different types.  1.Getting to know you kiss – The first or second date kiss. After a lovely conversation you are dropping the girl home. You know a little about her and think she’s really hot. You don’t want to over step. So you walk her in front of her place and face her. Lean in slightly, close your eyes, open your mouth by only half an inch like a fish and kiss her softly. Don’t use your tongue and don’t suck around anything! If she likes it, she’ll ask you do it again. Repeat. Don’t try to grope, etc because she’s liked this! Say “Go…

Relationships and Physics

Me. What do you think about relationships?
Male friend - Its like physics.  Free protons r energy particles flying arr. No neg or positive charge. Sometimes they join a neg atom and make it a positive atom. Now the protons change a lot to be a part of the atom and give up freedom of flying arr and choose to circle an orbit in an atom. And the only change the atom goes through is that its charge changes from neg to positive. Like men. So. Basic laws of physics. Me. Aahh.