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An Excerpt from Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas: The Dates

Date No. 1
It is said that when you ask the Universe for something, you generally get it. But you’ve got to be careful about the details, because most of the time, it can just belt out any old trash. So even though my heart said, ‘give men a shot’, most of the men that came my way made me think, ‘just shoot him!’
For example, there was this banquet manager at a posh hotel whom I used to meet quite often, since most of our international conferences were held there. He would discuss the arrangements of food, beverage, layout of chairs and stage with me. Not once did he try to ask me to have lunch with him. Then just as I told the Universe, I was ready, he asked me out to lunch. We were going through the layout when he casually dropped it, ‘Do you want to continue this over lunch?’ And I said, ‘Okay,’ even more casually. But honestly, I was quite excited! I noticed him a little better. Brown eyes, rugged jawline, tall, bespectacled, bony fingers and a very impish smile. All in all—a cute p…

Writing from the heart...

I write because I don't know any other way. I write because my fingers hurt if I don't and my mind doesn't rest till it's out on paper. I don't think whether it will please my parents, or whether it's going to win a Booker or whether it will truly be the best piece of writing I've ever done. I write because it makes me human. It's my heart's way of expressing itself. There is a Bengali custom called annaprasan in which the child of 6 months touches objects placed in front of him/her to determine what he will "do" for the rest of his life. I touched the pen. And my grandfather said, "She will be a writer." I could not have cared less abt what I'm going to become. I wrote because I needed to. I wrote poems that didn’t make sense to anyone but me. I wrote books on spiral pads about people who touched me and I wrote songs that I would make my brother sing loudly at parties. I was someone and I felt something because I wrote. I wo…

An excerpt

Book Title: Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas
Author: Madhuri Banerjee
Chapter 1. The Resolution

I looked across at the other table and saw a couple kissing passionately. ‘Great,’ I thought, `even girls half my age are getting laid!’

I went back to sipping my coffee and reading the papers.
1st April--My birthday--I had turned 30.
The cruel irony of me being born on April Fool’s Day had haunted me all my life. But today, I really felt like a fool.
I was alone in my favourite coffee shop, Coffee De, where they had these lovely, bright, mismatched chairs, sofas and cushions, It looked like something that Dali would have put together in a Spanish cafĂ©. And yes, it served the best coffees and no one disturbed me. I was in there almost everyday, having my muffin and cappuccino,reading the papers, or a book, or just working on my laptop on some new assignment. The great thing about this place was that it was open from five in the morning. So I could be here from dawn to midnight, asI generall…