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5 Reasons Married Women Have Affairs

Kavita. 36. Warm. Friendly. Highly accomplished. Doctor. Mother. Married. After ten years of marriage, three vacations and one child Kavita realised that she needed more in life. She went away on solo vacations, took up yoga, found herself in meditation and still needed more. She had that much energy. That much love to give. And at 36 she could not waste it by sitting at home and waiting for her husband to figure out what she needed. That’s when David entered her life and she started having a rocking affair.
Why are so many married women having affairs? Here are 5 reasons!
1.Loneliness – You’re at home with your husband and he’s watching TV and you’re trying desperately to make conversation. On a weekend you want to go on a date and he takes you to the movies all the while he is on the phone checking his emails and chatting with someone else. And if half the time he’s travelling or comes home late at night, a woman is bound to feel lonely. She feels there’s no connection! She will rea…

Forbidden Desires

Review of my latest book in HT CITY today. Am always excited when people read my books. It's the greatest high for an author! Hope you'll order and like it too.
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Speed Dating. 7 Questions for 7 Minutes.

Who has the time to date anymore? First you have to look for the right person, then you have to travel to a coffee shop or bar to meet the person and then you end up spending money on the date that you didn’t really like. You might as well stay at home and watch Netflix! That’s why Speed Dating helps.
But it’s all scary. What do you ask? What do you say? Here are 7 questions that could get you into the groove:
1.Tell Me About Yourself – When your date asks you that, keep it simple. Say your name, where you stay, whether you’re studying or working, if you live with your parents, siblings, have a pet and have a hobby! Ask them the same question back. 2.Talk about the hobby – Hobbies could vary from reading and writing to adventure sports and travel to listening to music. Ask about that and share what you love. Never interrupt. Hear them out. If they talk too much without asking you back you know the person is self-absorbed. 3.Books or movies? – Follow this up by asking favourite books or m…

The thin line between being truthful and tactless

Recently award winning poet Javed Akhtar was invited for a poetry discussion. When the session had completed its mandatory one hour, the young organiser from the side told him to hurry up!
The audience requested for one last poem and he obliged. He said he would make it a short one and began reciting a verse. Just then the emcee came on stage, cut him off and said, “I’m sorry but we’re out of time and we need the podium for the next speaker who’s already waiting.”
Tactlessness is the knack of being impolite and insensitive even when you don’t need to be!
It would not have made a difference if everyone waited 5 extra minutes for the next session. It would have made Javed Akhtar feel special and the audience happy!  But the emcee didn’t even know she had done something wrong.
A friend of mine who has been married for ten years with two kids has been having some problems with her marriage. She is working and is highly educated. Recently when she came to visit her in laws, who live with thei…

A Poem for Housewives.

Oh Woman.
Thou has fire.
Go find yourself.
Earn. Live better.
We try.
Over and over.
Smiling. Believing.
Somewhere. We feel
Like our life is a revolving door. Same people. Same meetings. Milky coffee.
Stale smile.
No money. Never any money.
Decade after decade.
Until there's no option but to hide in relationships.
In comforts of a man earning.
In raising children.
Dying embers of ambition.

Media Trends in 2016

We all love stories!
The last few years has seen a major shift in storytelling. The trends and themes that have dominated the silver screen have been big blockbusters with heroes and large budgets that require larger returns to break even. The 100 crore film was made popular. If you weren’t a 100 crore Actor/ Director no one paid attention to you. The stories didn’t matter and there was no logic in the screenplay!
And then suddenly we had films like Dum Laga Ke Haisha, Hate Story 2, Talvar, Mary Kom and even Tanu Weds Manu and the equation changed.
Storytelling was back! Scripts were back. And great quality cinema was given a push. In 2016 we will see many more women oriented stories where the heroines aren’t just there for item numbers or the heroes’ love interest. Bollywood will be ruled by dramas, biopics and thrillers. While the big blockbusters may remain, the trend will be towards smaller budget films with good quality content. The success of a film will lie in the timing. The moo…

5 Ways to Be Un-Lonely During the Holidays!

“What are you doing for the holidays?”
That can seem as the most annoying and pressurizing line of the season! It pushes us to be social. We feel the need to put those fun pics up on social media and share how cool we are for doing something interesting. So with all the pressure it’s no wonder that we get lonely. Here are 5 ways to beat the holiday blues.
1.Throw a Party – If you’re not invited to any party, throw a party. It will keep you busy while preparing and will be something memorable for later. Even if a few people show up, you can play some songs and dance around with a close group. You can even host a party for friends who you’ve not met for a long time or complete strangers from office you wanted to know better.
2.Join a Travel Group – If you have vacation time, join a group that likes to travel. Spend a little money on yourself going with a bunch of strangers to a place you’ve never been to.  It can be exhilarating to open up to strangers and completely unwind away from ho…

10 New Year Resolutions Every Woman Should Keep

Every woman repeat after me!  I promise to…
1.Read more of the Time magazine and less of the girly magazines. We women are so addicted to celebs, thin women and beautifully decorated houses that we forget there is a larger world out there. Our brains are pleading with us to read a financial paper and not the page 3 gossip! It is the year to expand your outlook and you can only accomplish that by subscribing to a magazine that doesn’t have a celeb telling you how she became thin or where she got ornaments for her house!
2.Go On A Vacation That I Want – Women always go along with their husbands and families on vacations because it’s the only time they get and they feel it’s good enough. Plan a vacation with your girlfriends or solo and go on a short sojourn alone. Discover something new about yourself this year. Your family will manage without you.
3.Earn Money – Start a business, join a job, make a hobby into a profession, or take tuitions. There are too many women in this country who ar…