10 New Year Resolutions Every Woman Should Keep

Every woman repeat after me! 
I promise to…

1.     Read more of the Time magazine and less of the girly magazines. We women are so addicted to celebs, thin women and beautifully decorated houses that we forget there is a larger world out there. Our brains are pleading with us to read a financial paper and not the page 3 gossip! It is the year to expand your outlook and you can only accomplish that by subscribing to a magazine that doesn’t have a celeb telling you how she became thin or where she got ornaments for her house!

2.     Go On A Vacation That I Want – Women always go along with their husbands and families on vacations because it’s the only time they get and they feel it’s good enough. Plan a vacation with your girlfriends or solo and go on a short sojourn alone. Discover something new about yourself this year. Your family will manage without you.

3.     Earn Money – Start a business, join a job, make a hobby into a profession, or take tuitions. There are too many women in this country who are relying on other people to financially support them. It doesn’t matter if the idea is too small or too grand. Just do it! Your family will be fine. Do something that you truly love and earn something that you’ll save for yourself.

4.     Visit the Doctor – You’ve neglected your health and haven’t taken those blood tests and done a full gynaecologist check-up. This is the year where you do that medical check and show it to a doctor. If you’re low on Vitamin D, B12, iron, calcium, etc, consult a doctor and start looking after your health better!

5.     Stop Obsessing Over Every Little Thing That Is Wrong – We’re fat. We’re broke. Our husbands don’t pay attention to us. Our children are not doing well. Our bosses hate us. Our colleagues are doing better than us. Our parents are not supporting us. Stop! Take a deep breath and learn to exhale the worries out. Do your best. The rest won’t matter.

6.     Get off WhatsApp Groups that Don’t Matter – We are so worried that people won’t like us if we exit a group. We hold on to people, thinking that one day they will help us. We are polite with people who have helped us in the past and we waste too much energy in keeping up with appearances on WhatsApp groups. Politely excuse yourself. Remember that true friends and family will always be there when you need them even if you haven’t given them good morning messages every day!

7.     Find closure – Divorces, toxic relationships, bad jobs, misunderstandings, ego issues. Enough. 2016 is about finding closure. Either you make peace with these people or let them be. You need to release yourself from constantly fighting. Forgive and move on!

8.     Take the Plunge – There is no right or wrong reason to make a commitment to someone. Get married. Get engaged. Say I love you. You may be shot down but at least it’s off your head and you can figure out the next step!

9.     Stop Criticizing – We are jealous creatures. We think we’re well-meaning and play devil’s advocate by saying things like, “Oh you’ve put on weight.” Or “You shouldn’t have said that.” Or “I don’t know but I’m not like that at all!” Your words hurt others and they’ll hurt you too. Karma comes back. And if you don’t believe in that then believe that every positive thing you say or don’t say helps in cleaning your soul, your aura and your life. Smile more at others. Be genuine. Stop commenting on every little thing others do!

10.  Do Something More With Social Media – How many selfies are you going to post? Do people really care about our new haircut, or our new dress or where we went for a vacation? Are we just posting things to make people jealous or are we posting things to prove a point? Think about who you want to be, what you want to be remembered as, and start working on what defines you. That’s what you need to post!

Happy 2016. Stay healthy and happy always!

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Aathira said…
I loved your list! Definitely agree with you there. It's time to say goodbye to toxic relationships.
Thank you so much Athira! Girl Power this year!
Absolutely loved it! You've made some wonderful and very valid points. Thanks a ton 😃
I endorse your suggestions/advice and truly wish my wife read this write up by you. Some where I feel that is it not a bit of "being selfish"! Well you have written to all women so my comment don't make sense. I happened to see your blog " THE THIN LINE BETWEEN BEING TRUTHFUL AND TACTLESS" shared by my wife on her FB wall. Love your insightful blogs.

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