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A Note From My Diary: My Book, My Fears.

The most daunting thing for me is the blank word document.

It stares at me every morning, taunting me, teasing me, mocking me. It plays into my deepest fears that I'm not a good enough writer. That no one really cares about what I say. And that no one will read my book.
And then I start.
I type away furiously. I bring life into characters, a plot that comes from an organic growth and scenes that jump out from my brain. I dig deeper into my experiences, my life, stories and anecdotes. I write and I write, defying the blank word document till I'm exhausted.
And then I go out and meet people, share a part of me, listen, grow and learn.
And i come back and write some more. I understand that characters can be in  new situations, more scenes, and they can also act in strange ways. I think about what she is going through, how he is feeling and what they said.
All of it is me. Each and every character is a part of me.
And I think about them for days, weeks and months, sometimes…

The Women Who Inspired My Debut Novel: Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas

In an era of sexual liberation, to find women who have chosen to remain virgins well after their third decade is a rarity. But in India, there are many women who still believe that virginity is a non-issue. They mock the land of the Kama Sutra, and the sexual urban jungle of the metros where people are discovering themselves and new positions. They scoff at the idea of having fun for the sake of it. They are even immune to the pressures of their peers who have told them the wonderful stories, the great revelation of finding the big “O” or even the perfect man and time for losing their virginity. These women are unfazed. Sex is a no-show. And even if they are 30 and above, they do not care.

These are the women who inspired my novel LosingMy Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas. After my encounters with them, I realized that the hype over losing one’s virginity is not just an Indian phenomenon. Women across the globe have the same issues. Age doesn’t matter. The search for the true love, a pe…

Love Guru Advice: Husband Buys Me Ugly Clothes!

Dear Love Guru,
My husband buys me very expensive clothes that I don’t like! He hates my choice and insists I wear what he gets me. It’s stressing me out.
Sincerely, Suman
Dear Suman, Are the expensive clothes that bad? Many women would be happy if their husbands shopped for them. It shows he cares. Having said that, if you really don’t like the clothes, you can exchange them for what you do like. If you can’t do that, make an excuse for not wearing them all the time. Maybe fibbing about not getting the blouse made for the sari he bought, or that your office doesn’t like such colours, or even that you’ve lost weight and need to get it altered could discontinue his insistence and maintain peace in the house. You might need to give in to his choice occasionally. For a family function where all his relatives would be, you should ask him what you can wear and he will feel he’s participating in your dressing. Maybe at the function you can confide in your husband’s relative saying you feel awkwa…

Mistakes Like Love And Sex video


Numerology for Names

Chaldean Numerology:
Calculate the number your name adds up to. Ideally if it matches the date you were born, it is supposed to be lucky!

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