Love Guru Advice: Husband takes my Mil's Side

Dear Love Guru,
Whenever there’s a dispute between my mother in law and me, my husband always takes his mother’s side. I’m newly married and feel very alone. Help.

Dear Shruti,
Married life is about making compromises. You need to choose if you want to win a battle and be right or let some things go and have peace. No husband takes his wife’s side in the beginning. Even he is a newlywed husband! He’s loved his mother all his life. It’s difficult to go against her. That doesn’t mean he loves you any less. He wishes both of you would sort it out as adults. He married you for your intelligence and he wants you to use it! Firstly, you need to talk to your mother in law about what she expects from you and tell her what you can and cannot do from the list. Assure her that you love her and want to comply with the rules of the house but you need your identity as well. Secondly, speak to your husband honestly about what’s troubling you and how he can help. Is it a job? A child? Financial security? Boredom? If the honeymoon phase is over, you need to start doing more with your time. If you’re working and are supposed to do all the housework, get a maid that you pay for. Chip in for things around the house. And don’t always wait for your husband to sort out your life. Have a life apart from your husband! Remember that you are loved in your new home!


Shilpi Karnani said…
You are so right Madhuri..Loved your advise..
U knw what in my case my hubby was so very supportive that he used to support me and take my side all the time in the starting..but then it actually created problems as my MIL gt more pissed off n thought I was brain washing her son!!!
Later I started handling things myself n my hubby did not pitch its better that way!!

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