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How to Hook Up At a Party

Look like Ryan Gosling – You know why girls swoon over Ryan Gosling? Because he looks good. Now it doesn’t matter if you’re not as fit or as wealthy, you can still try to bathe, wear deo, trim your beard, gel your hair and put on some fresh ironed clothes. If you’re confused about what to wear, a woman always loves a crisp white shirt and well-fitted jeans on a man. If it’s a formal event, wear a jacket. Oh…a jacket would make you win half the battle.
Speak like Mark Zuckerberg – No not the guy who played him in the movie, the real man. He is intelligent, philanthropic and wears a nice smile. He is appealing. He speaks when spoken to. He’s not bragging about his work, money or life. He’s down to earth. Be cool, comfortable, easy going. Mingle with a group and speak to all women at the party. Thin you deserve to be there. Know that women are interested in you when you smile sincerely and not lecherously.
Think like James Bond – You’re charismatic, suave, sexy, mind blowing. Feel it. An…

Broken is Beautiful. Kintsugi

"Most people would like damages to their broken items to be concealed and hidden by repair making the object look like new. But the Japanese art of Kintsugi follows a different philosophy. Rather than disguising the breakage, kintsugi restores the broken item incorporating the damage into the aesthetic of the restored item, making it part of the object’s history." In life aren't we all broken? Broken relationships. Broken friendships. Broken houses. Broken jobs. We try to leave the past behind. Not dwell on it. Focus on the future. Be positive.
But what if the broken pieces are truly beautiful when mended. Shouldn't we give credit to that? The healing. The mending. The chipped fragments of our life that we put together. Instead of discarding it shouldn't we embrace it? Be proud of it? Wear it like a badge of honour rather than hide it away as a past, a regret, a choice we don't want to think about.
We mend our life with "gold"
For me that gold s…

10 Sex Questions From Men - Uncensored

1) I have fantasized about making love in the kitchen but my girlfriend doesn’t believe in experimenting. How do I convince her?
I’m glad that you’re trying to spice things up. However, you must realise that most women have an orgasm in the missionary position on a bed rather than being tangled in strange postures in various rooms. Therefore, you must tell your girlfriend that maybe the sex in the kitchen or anywhere else is not just about an orgasm. It’s about the adventure and the memories you’re creating together. Then there are two ways to do this correctly. One when you’re having foreplay, coax her into the kitchen and find a comfortable spot. You must have got the kitchen cleaned first. You can’t have dirty dishes lying around. Nothing distracts a woman more than wanting to scream at her maid for not clearing up!! Make sure the lights are dimmed or have a candle lit. Draw the curtains if your girlfriend is shy. She might not like voyeuristic sex. The second way is to start experi…

The Importance of Loneliness

A friend told me recently: It’s been a year since my divorce. Maybe I should find a man. I’m so lonely. And that got me thinking.
What is wrong with loneliness?
It’s the most powerful emotion to have.
It’s not from happiness, peace or ambition that we grow. It’s from loneliness. So many couples think that marriage and being with another human being is supposed to fill a void. But no one realizes that even if you’re with someone that void is a gift. 
Loneliness is powerful. 
It gives you a sense of what you’re lacking. And that lack is not just time with your spouse. It’s a lack of more energy in your life. It’s the universe’s way of telling you are so much more. What more do you want to do. Besides this person in your life, what else can you be? And only from loneliness will your soul grow. 
It’s sad when you see couples just being together all the time. Doing the same things. Feeling the same way having common emotions and values and hooping for the same dreams of bigger houses better car…

10 New Year Resolutions To Think About

1. I will try to understand the people who are important to me and give them attention. I will not focus on negative people and trying to fix their problems.

2. I will not let petty things bother me. There is a larger game play in action. I will focus on that.
3. I will raise my children to be equal and kind and understanding. I will not give in to everydemand of theirs.
4. I will meditate every day for at least 15 minutes. I believe in a higher power and my inner power. I will tap into that when I’m depressed, lonely, upset, disappointed, angry, or annoyed.
5. I will walk/jog/gym/yoga at least five times a week. Not just to be thin but to be fit for life.
6. I will not feel guilty about taking time for myself and understanding what my soul desires. Even if this means skipping a few lunches and dinners with friends and important people.
7. I will not be indifferent to the needs of others. I will donate clothes, money, time and energy to those who are in need and it will not include family a…

2015 Leo Horoscope

In 2015 the Leo can be considered the lucky ones! Everything you dream of can come true and under even better circumstances than you think. It’s not only that Jupiter, the planet of grand achievements and opportunities, will stay in your Zodiac till August, but also other planets will provide Leo with numerous surprising opportunities for it to solidify its “royal status”. After all, among all people on earth and among all the stars in the skies there is hardly a nobler Zodiac sign than yours: only you can do a noble gesture with such grandeur even without taking your own interests into consideration. In 2015 as always nothing will just be given to you by the birthright, but what you win in an honest fight will be especially valuable to you since it’ll be granted to you on your terms! You should agree that staying true to your life credo is success in itself!Leo horoscope for 2015 notes that in the first half of the year you, dear Lions, will notice that you’ve become less reserved, m…