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How to Manage a One Night Stand

Sex in summer is hot. Literally! But who has the time to get into a new relationship? You need something quick and casual. A one night stand! A one night stand is a spontaneous sexual encounter with a person without any strings attached. And with a hope that you won’t ever see them again. It’s about lust. A raw desire. A surrender to your primal instinct. A deep need for passion. But not everyone can get it right. Here’s how you can master the art.
15 Rules to a One Night Stand:
1.Clean Up – Just because it’s hot, doesn’t mean you can’t be well groomed. Trim that beard, take a shower, brush your teeth, splash on some cologne and wear a clean, crisp shirt when you head out. The better you look the more chances you have to finding a girl.
2.Tidy Up – You will be bringing a woman home if you’re lucky. She doesn’t want to lie on top of a bed full of clothes, a sofa full of newspaper, a wet bathroom with used towels on the floor or any other mess you have in the apartment. Organise your spa…