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5 Reasons Why Social Media Won’t Guarantee Sales

1.Facebook Likes – You’ve made a film. You’ve written a book. You’ve done the one thing that so many people have never done. So what do you do next? Tell the world obviously. And the only way is through Facebook. Media planners and internet experts will tell you to start a Facebook page, start a personal group, and post on your own timeline. So you put up photos, reviews, columns, excerpts, illustrations, anything you can to tell the world what you’ve done. You promote your page. You spend shit loads of money in advertising and it will show you how many number of people the post has reached out to. You get more and more likes. But guess what? It isn’t going to guarantee sales. 2.Twitter Re-tweets – A tweet is a thought written in 140 characters. But to get the maximum number of re-tweets you must write succinctly, intelligently, humorously and identify with the audience. Write what they think but can’t express in words that you can, and leave enough room for their few characters to fit…

5 Rules to be a Great Parent

It is a misconception that as soon as you have a child, you’ll become great parents. Just because you can provide for your child and keep him safe and fed, doesn’t mean you’re the best parent in the world. I’ve heard from my friends “He’ll grow up anyway. Look at us. We turned out ok.” We forget that earlier times were simpler. I don't know everything about parenting. I learn as the days go by. But this is what I know so far:
1.Have A Routine – Contrary to what you think, children do better when they’re in a routine than when they’re left to themselves. During school days, they must have a schedule which they should follow. Set a time for your child to wake up in the morning, eat, play, study, go to school, read, bathe, sleep. You must find a balance as well. And with each activity allow ten minutes for the child to get into it instead of forcing him to stick to the exact time. In between if, they want to watch an hour of TV or do something that’s different, allow them to do so. B…