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Advantage Love Book Review - Book Geeks Blogger

By for Rupa Publications I have read Madhuri Banerjee’s work before. It was much before we envisaged BookGeeks and thus, I never got a chance to post its review on our website. “Advantage Love” is way more complicated and demanding in terms of writing than “Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas” was, but I must say that, Madhuri has done a really good job out of it. When I sat down to read this book (with its charming title and beautiful cover design), I already had a preconceived notion in my mind; that which said that this book is going to be yet another of those, which proves the point – don’t judge a book by its cover (and title). To say that Madhuri’s writing has matured over time would be a great understatement for she has conked-out all my notions and proved me (and I believe everybody else who read her first book) wrong. But more on that later; let’s get on with a hint of the story first. Trisha is a strong opinionated and independent girl from Lucknow, who comes t…

5 Rules of a Great Marriage

Somehow, the earlier generation got it right. The husband was the provider and the woman the nurturer. They had their roles defined, almost written in stone. There were no complications, no angry bouts over not understanding each other and definitely lesser divorces. Our generation is just lost in the field of relationships and when we think we know everything, we decide to settle down and get married and make the other person as confused as us. With the rate of divorce in 2010 as high as one in four couples in India, people are grappling to figure out what to do to have a healthy marriage. Here are a few tips. 1.Communicate Positively– Don’t just talk to each other about what you did in the day, your bosses’ angst, the traffic problems, your children’s school issues and the deadlines you need to finish this weekend. It’s all boring! Share what excited you about your day. Convey how you accomplished your dream today or how you overcame a difficulty in office. Share some gossip about f…

How Not to Fall In Love in Summer!

It’s summer time! That means vacations, new adventures, and obviously new people. It also means summer romance and heartbreak later. To make yourself immune to that summer fling here are a few suggestions: 1.Concentrate On The Food – Breakfast buffet! You can eat until you pass out, wake up, and eat again! Experiment on local cuisines and hunt for the best restaurants. You’ll soon be in a food coma and hardly have time to think of what moves to make on that pretty girl or how to react when a cute boy asks you what you do.

2.Check it out Yourself – Go for a day’s trip to the city, spend the day at the beach alone, and hike in the mountains. The solitude helps you think and enjoy the new sights even more. If you find someone being chatty, walk on!

3.Family Bonding Time – If you’ve always hated your family here is a good time to connect with them on a `family vacation.’ The purpose for your parents to drag you all the way out there was for them to get to know you better. Spend time making…