Monday, March 16, 2015

50 Shades of Vermilion: 1.Shraddha

I think that Indian women are far more courageous, erotic and sensuous than anyone in the world. So I'm writing a 50 Shades of Indian Women. 50 erotic stories of Indian women told in different ways!

My first story came from a WhatsApp chat I was having with a friend of mine who stays in London. He told me a story about one extremely smart, beautiful Indian woman.
I’m going to keep his words exactly as he wrote it in the WhatsApp chat instead of putting it in a female tone or style that I have in my Scandalous Housewives. I love his writing and I think this is a completely new way of telling a story. Not a prose, not a poem, but a chat! 
I hope you’ll like the story and style too! 

Let’s call her Shraddha.

Dumped by boyfriend just before he went to the U.S. for a masters. I was her friend with benefits for a few years. She rang me saying she needed to escape from India for a couple of weeks. So she came to me in London.
She was hurting. Nothing happened. We just went on long drives. Sat by the ocean. Took a steam train ride. She slept in another room. I was totally cool with that.
End of first week as we stood by glorious Windsor castle in the dying sunlight, she kissed me. Thank you for giving me this. Just a short kiss on the lips. Nice.
That night we had dinner and showered and cuddled in front of the TV.
She said she wanted me to read to her as she went to sleep. So we got into bed and I was reading to her as she nuzzled. Cute.
We feel asleep entangled.
She woke me up at 5 am. Such a special time. Sun just coming up. Birds stirring. Everything else quiet.
Everything bathed in liquid blue. Crystal clear.
We had explosive sex. She was angry and hungry and uninhibited. It didn't matter.
We fucked on the bed. Then rolled into the floor. I lifted her and we fucked standing up. In front of the mirror. She kept digging into me. Pushing back till she had every inch buried deep in her. When we were done we were both exhausted and happy and serene.
Over breakfast she told me how she loved my Writing. How she had been seduced by it. How she slept with me all those years because she wanted to be part of my soul. I took it as a compliment. Humbled.
Then she asked me if I would make one more fantasy come true. I said what.
She wanted to be devoured. By two men. At the same time. I was quite startled at first. Weird but I was. Also where do I find a man. I couldn't just ask a friend to do me a favour. And there wasn't time to invite her to meet my mates to see which one she fancied. No guarantees they would be up for it either. So I said i would see but didn't think I could do much.
That week she was going up to Edinburgh. While I went back to work. I bought her a pack of condoms just in case and she thanked me.
We had sex. Then she packed and I put her on the train for her final week of adventure before she headed back to the real world.
I went to Edinburgh as a surprise during the week. And arranged to go with her to a very sophisticated sex party
An orgy for the rich and famous. Very discreet. Very clean. Very safe and respectful. But very naughty.
I just watched. I am not into that kind of thing. Or at least was not that day. But let's just say she got what she wanted. Low lit room. Clean and stylish. Turkish theme. Lots of beautiful men and women in practically nothing. All very civilised at first. Drinks. Laughter. Food. She stayed close taking it all in at first. But you could tell she was feeling safe confident and getting turned on. Men making bee line for her. Indian dusky women are exotic. She is beautiful. Short. But beautiful full breasts. Small waist. Lovely legs. Men wondering if I would mind. I smiled at her.  I enjoyed watching her give and take. Friday night went into Saturday morning. We left in the afternoon.
Today she is married to some nice Banker in Mumbai. Happy. Normal.
I like that. I like how she healed herself. Sex does that. But you need friends…

If you like this read more in the book Scandalous Housewives


Aumkar Saturdekar said...

Madhuri mam, u r style of writing is really awsome.gr8.. i like u r way of story telling funda..nice.. keep u soon..

Anonymous said...

After reading your book my Gf convinced me to have threesome and I am really looking forward to it, you made my fantasy come true. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Good and bold writing.. For an indian women.. Will be eye opener for many


Anonymous said...

Hello I love ur books give some tips to me also.

Anonymous said...


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