Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Salute to Men on Women's Day

On Women's Day I'd like to salute the men who have stood by women all their life.
The fathers, grandfathers, sons, boyfriends, friends, lovers, and the random men who have helped women with small things along the way.

The men who are trying to understand what women want and need and support them. The men who say Go, Be, Do, Achieve, Love, Cry, Fail, Succeed, Try and I'll be there for you no matter what.

For the bosses who treat the women in their team as equals, for the man on the street who is chivalrous and not lecherous, for the man who doesn't blink twice about women refusing to be mothers and wanting to be achievers, for the father who treats both a girl and boy child as the same, let us thank them.

Let me salute the men who are feminists, who are appalled that women have to fight for equal rights because they believe it should be as natural as gravity. Let me praise the man who doesn't need his wife to be home to cook or entertain but is proud she is out working and exploring. Let me honour the man who doesn't believe it's his right  to be given what he wants by a woman simply because he does `so much' as well.

Thank you to those men who respect women no matter what. And lucky are those women to have these men in their life.

Happy Women's Day to all of you who make this world brighter, safer and happier for the future generation. #WomensDay

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Bharathi Bhaskar said...

How true, Madhuri. Its been long since you wrote such a touching blog entry. You always spread that positivity when you write such feminist columns. Love it. :)

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