Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How To Heal From a Heartbreak: A Conversation Between Two Friends

The latest conversation between 2 friends on how to heal from a heartbreak and apps that may help. 

Aditi: Nowadays the best way to get over a man is to get on Tinder. 
Kaveri: Tinder makes it easy for us to move on doesn't it? 
Aditi: Tell me about it! Practically every other person on Tinder has broken up recently. It has a sub club for broken hearts!
Kaveri: It does?!
Aditi: Nah I’m kidding. But it is about people who have broken up from someone and want to move on. I think it's important to meet and greet new people. Memories of your broken past are the most painful! And, very difficult, nay, impossible to get away from. You crave distraction. Anything, just anything to stop thinking about your ex. Kaveri: Ya.
Aditi: A broken hearted soul needs the comfort of friends, family. Somehow to push them to get out of the house, put some effort in dressing up, play sports. You just can't get yourself to do it on your own. You just want to lay in bed, eat chips, drink coke/alcohol, watch TV cos sleep eludes you and you don't remember what your life was about before it all. Or that you even had a life.
Kaveri: Heartbreak happens when one person in the relationship moves on and the other still believes they can work it out.
Aditi: When you start dating again, you slowly realise how abundant the universe is. How, if you make the slightest effort, it'll offer you countless opportunities.
Kaveri: When both move on it’s called a passage of time
Aditi: Not necessarily. It happens when one person wants to move on and the other isn't there yet. When you want to make it work, there's hope in your mind.
Kaveri: When one moves on, it just leaves the other one behind, drowning in what happened and how this investment left them empty, broken. Whether it was worth it.
Aditi: If only we realise that everything is worth it and it’s better than being with someone who stopped loving you. Then no matter how much you try, you’ll never get that person back. Because he’s already gone. He’s mentally miles away from you. And you’re just wasting your time.

Kaveri: So we should just pick up the pieces of ourselves and give them to someone else? Like Tinder asks us to do?
Aditi: No. But just keep them to yourself for some time while taking pieces from others. Their happiness, their laughter, their compliments. God knows your ego will need it for a bit.
Kaveri: For how long?
Aditi: For at least a few months. That’s how you heal from a heartbreak. And heal you will. Believe in that. And then you'll find someone, even on Tinder and they'll be the one. And you'll become exclusive and believe in love again. 

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