Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Prediction for 87th Academy Awards

The ‪#‎Oscars‬ are upon us. The only day in the year when I wake up at 5:30 in the morning to see an event I dreamed being a part of ever since I was a kid. Here is what I think is going to happen on Monday 23rd Feb.
Best Picture: Birdman or Boyhood though I feel The Grand Budapest Hotel was better than both.
Best Director: Linklater for Boyhood bcos it took him 12 yrs to make one film Dammit! But Innaritu has the jury in his hands...

Best Actor: Eddie Redmayne for The Theory of Everything bcos he's won everything so far as Stephen Hawking
Best Actress: Julianne Moore for Still Alice though I think Reese Witherspoon deserves it more. I mean it's abt acting. Not just leading in a good story.
Supporting Actor: J.K Simmons for Whiplash. Have you seen the movie? Wow!
Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette for Boyhood. I mean to be an actress in the same movie for 12 years is kinda like being a slave to your profession for a long time.

Best Writing: The Grand Budapest Hotel. Bcos it's so brilliantly written. And so brilliantly shot and superbly sublime and funny. 
I feel Birdman is going to take away a lot of Oscars and everyone will then go watch it and say hey that's an awesome movie without even understanding it. But that's how it is in cinema. 
I hope people are inspired by the end of it. After all it's not abt winning or losing but making great art. Have a great Monday. ‪#‎87thAcademyAwards‬

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