Monday, February 16, 2015

10 Things You Didn't Know Women Liked About Sex

Disclaimer: This is graphic. If you’re not 18, turn the page! If you’re married, this is compulsory reading like your MBA exam!
Women aren’t always vocal about what they like in bed. They go along because they don’t want to hurt your ego. But they’re not always having an orgasm. No they might not be faking it, but you can tell they’re not happy in their daily behaviour. Crankiness, nagging, cribbing are all forms of them not having good sex. Give them what they like and you’ll never have a bad relationship in your life!

Toys R Fun – Dildos that help you find the g -spot should be a must buy in your life. You can find these online but if you’re traveling abroad make sure you Google a store in your location that can give you this.  It’s far more essential than that bottle of whiskey! Start with the vibrating ring on the condom. Don’t laugh. Sexual games are serious. The more you’re both into them the better will be her orgasm. Tip: A vibrator is different from a dildo or a vibrating dildo. Touch the vibrating tip over the clit and nature will do the rest. The vibrating cock ring is available in India.  Waterproof mini massager by Dr Laura Berman is a fun toy to give your mate.

Say My Name – Women like dirty talk. They may not like it in Hindi (you can get to that later) but they like you being a little rough and rowdy in bed sometimes. This is after you’ve been sweet and cuddly with them as well. They need to see that wild side too. Calling her a sexy little b**** and salivating for her and telling her you want to tear her clothes off does excite women. Tip: Establish a foundation first. You can’t do this on your first date. That’s just a bit scary for the girl.

Rub-Slap-Repeat – So you can try the doggy style and here’s when you can get a little kinky if you’re into it. You can easily rub her bum a little before you give her a little slap. It warms it up. Trying new things is important. Missionary will make you bored very easily. Tip: You need to ask her if she wants to play the submissive in a role and try different things. Tell her this has nothing to do with respect. It’s simply fun for her too.  

G-Whaaa? – There is a G Spot. It’s not a mythical creature from the Lord of the Rings. You should know where it is by now. The g-spot is stimulated when you do the doggy style as long as you know you’re supposed to hump upwards. The g- spot gets rubbed when the woman is on top. The g- spot can be found when you slip one/two fingers into her vagina and curve the fingers. Like you’re taking out ghee from a long jar. Tip: Cut your nails. Keep them clean. Also let her be on top as long as she wants.

Come to Bed Clooney – Role playing is important. Send her a naughty message from work asking her to meet you at a bar in a dress with no panties on. Have drinks with her and flirt a little. Pretend you’re George Clooney. Then take her home and let her take the lead if she wants. Get creative – do it in the balcony at night, buy her a French maid outfit and tell her to pretend to clean the house wearing that while you’re in your robe. Enact a scene from Dirty Dancing. Tell her to buy a stripper or naughty school girl outfit. Surprise you one day. Tip: Try, try again if things fail. Sometimes women need a little push into doing things because they’re shy.

Spill the Beans - Ask her whether she likes the touch you are giving or she wants it differently. Don’t be offended when she gives instructions. Learn from the woman. Wouldn’t you be taking notes in a class to pass a test? Wouldn’t you be making excel sheets when your boss gives you numbers? Same way learn and ask questions so you can become the CEO of the bedroom. Tip: Don’t say I know you’ll like my cock better and give up when she tells you what to do. No. She wants the fingers and the vibrator and the role play sometimes. Make the foreplay last.

Yeh Public Hai – While not many people are into PDA, all women are into Chinese whispers. That means in a public space you can lean in to whisper how you find her cleavage very sexy or how you’re dying to suck her nipples. Lean in and let your cheek rub against her face and neck, gently blowing into her ear after you whisper. Tease her senses. Look at her deeply from across the room before you go back to a conversation with other people. Make the anticipation worthwhile. Let her desire you. Gently touch her back as if you’re helping her when she walks in front of you. Tip : Don’t snap her bra. You’re not in 6th grade.

Don’t Diss the Porn – Some women don’t like to watch porn so you need to build it up for them. Play a soft porn movie and start the action while you’re watching it. Tell her you can do better. Tell her she’s better than the pornstar. Gently get her into trying new positions. Order soya wax candles and use wax on her body. A gentle drop on her back, or cleavage and rub it lightly. Don’t use ordinary candles. Tip: Check the video before you watch it together. Don’t go for the XXX rated the first time you show her porn.

Treasure Hunts – You know she’s going to be home at a particular time so you can leave little clues and chits for her to follow. Kitchen – Go to the bathroom and find a box. Bathroom – Open box and wear perfume. Go to closet. Closet – Chit on a coat. Wear nothing but the coat. Go downstairs to parking lot. Parking lot – Cab. Get into cab and come to hotel. Hotel – At reception ask for room 121. So it’s a little chase for her and for you. Tip: The best erogenous zone in a woman’s body is her mind. Titillate that!

Don’t fall asleep after coitus – MOST IMPORTANT. Cuddle. Lie in bed. Chat. Women still love that. Unless she wants to get up, don’t hop off and order a pizza. She really doesn't care if the sheets are dirty. Not this time. Tip: Treat every time as your first with the woman and maybe the last time because you don’t know if she’ll give it to you again. That’s how important it should be.


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My Gf wants to have threesome but it's a bit weird for me though I do fantasize about it. What should I do?

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Good one..:)
Must read..

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