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Beauty & Choices:

Every woman’s life is the sum of all her choices, and Revlon India is here to support that. Choices by Revlon is a platform that will allow every woman to express her opinions and make her choices freely. This month, Revlon talks about Relationships. This is one of the many articles that aim to inspire women all over India in their choices about relationships. Start making a choice today.  “Mama, I want to be as thin as an actress,” my 5-year-old child said to me as she pushed away a piece of chocolate cake. I looked at her and realized this was my fault. I’ve always been saying, “I’m fat!” I’ve cursed my grandmother and mother for giving me genes that never helped me lose weight. I wasn’t naturally thin or tall. I didn’t have a great metabolism that burned everything I ate. I smelt food and it went to my hips. I have been working out an hour a day since I was 12 and I’ve never been my ideal weight. I’ve coursed through magazines wishing that I would magically be thin. Moreover, this h…

Giving Back on Christmas

I flew to Bangalore a few days before Christmas. My grandmother had a stroke that left her bed ridden and without the ability to speak clearly. It was horrible to see her like that. A shock that left me wondering what Christmas was really about.

Throughout the years I've put up a Christmas tree in my house and presents underneath for my family and especially my own daughter. Every year they open it with a small smile, a polite thank you and keep it aside to go back to doing what they were already doing.

Then everyone would go out for lunch and we would see massive decorations around the city with people shopping, eating and admiring the festivities.

This year I understood what a genuine smile was, an amazing present is and what festivities really mean.

I decided on Christmas morning that on behalf of my grandmother and I, I would go buy chappals for street kids and distribute them. I went to a store and asked for the best kind with cartoons on them, soft soles and great quali…

Revlon Begins Campaign with Relationships: Madhuri Banerjee Key Opinion Leader!

Revlon IndiaDecember 12 Madhuri Banerjee is a sought-after relationship expert, blogger and writer. She has authored three books which has sold more than 60,000 copies combined.

Madhuri embodies today's women by speaking her mind and boldly expressing her thoughts through her works. Get to know her more this month as she'll be #ChoicesbyRevlon's relationship expert.

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Here's why Relationship Expert and Writer Madhuri Banerjee thinks Respect is important.

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Madhuri Banerjee: Relationship Expert for Revlon's New Campaign "Choices" !

Choices & Relationships
Every woman’s life is the sum of all her choices, and Revlon India is here to support that. Choices by Revlon is a platform that will allow every woman to express her opinions and make her choices freely. This month, Revlon talks about Relationships. This is one of the many articles that aim to inspire women all over India in their choices about relationships. Start making a choice today. 
Are you married?

Oh you’re single? Are you in a relationship? How’s your love life? Do you want to have kids? Are you living with your parents? We are asked questions on relationships every day. We are also judged by the relationships we have. Our society places emphasis on men’s success at work and women’s success in relationships. Is she a good wife? Is she a good mother? Does she look after her in laws well? Women need to understand what the important relationships in their life are, and how they can make them better. It is a well-known fact that a stable relationship make…

Launching Harlequin's New Series: A Revealing Evening

Let me get this straight. I haven't written a Harlequin book. Yet. But the ever so charming head of Harlequin Romance Amrita asked me if I wanted to be part of a panel discussion. And I thought it was a wonderful idea.

The evening panned itself out. I met Dolly Thakore, Ashok Banker, Aftab Shivdasani and Aastha Atrey. I sat on a panel chatting about romance, men, relationships and how society needs to change the way they read.

I remember the evening because:
1. The panel was scintillating. The audience was even more fun.
2. Aftab agreed to pose for a cover of one of my books.
3. Ashok revealed that he was a true romantic at heart. He also said he came out with 8 books last year and 3 this year which means he writes ALL  the time and I can take a leaf out of his book and start working harder!
4. Dolly Thakore still has spice in her to be blunt and scandalous.
5. The Sula white wine was chilled and really amazing. Could take on an Australian wine any day.
6. I met several new …

An Interview & a Dialogue on the Redundancy of Marriage

I had given this interview some time back when my second book Mistakes Like Love And Sex was releasing. Recently the conversation came up again when someone new to my Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas group shared his views on it. I have written this below the interview. And my response to it as well. Madhuri Banerjee is called the Indian 'Carrie Bradshaw' of the Sex and the City fame for her urban ways of looking at life and writing books that boast of strong independent and confident women. She gives a candid interview to this citizen journalist Shrabani Mukherjee, and talks about love, marriage and career. BOTH HER books 'Losing my Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas' as well as 'Mistakes like love and Sex,' published by Penguin, have been huge successes among the Indian audience.

You have been named as the 'Carrie Bradshaw …

Bengali Matrimony: A misplaced email leads to a conversation on marriage!

Today I received my first mail from a matrimonial site. And not just any matrimonial site, the Bengali Matrimony dot com. I almost died of shock. I thought it was a prank my parents were playing on me. But when I asked them they firmly denied it. It came from a woman who had mistaken me for someone else. So I decided to write back to the lady and let her know that the email had been sent to the wrong address because otherwise she would have felt that the Madhuri Banerjee she had written to had rejected her proposal. And I could never let my namesake get such a reputation! Suddenly I found myself trying to explain what marriage was for me. It was a lovely experience discussing this with an elderly lady and a complete stranger. I’m sure the letters haven’t stopped with this exchange. I’m sure there is a bond that we are forming and I’m soon going to be travelling to attend a wedding! ;) Here are the exchange of letters: (Names have been changed to protect the identity of the people invo…

My 3rd Book: My Yummy Mummy Guide with Karisma Kapoor

The day of my 1st book Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas launch in March 2011, an editor for Penguin approached me to write a book with Karisma Kapoor. I thought it would be a great opportunity to write more books and attempt a non fiction. Also I thought I would get to run some screenplays of mine to her and her sister Kareena Kapoor. Easy. I would finish this book in a few months and move on to other projects. I signed on the dotted line not knowing what it would entail. No royalty. Minimum pay. But I was excited. My Yummy MummyGuide was a difficult book to write. It took 2 years and a deep commitment from me.   LMV and its sequel Mistakes Like Love And Sex came from my heart. They were autobiographical somewhere. A journey that was both fun and philosophical. Something I wanted to write for everyone to identify with. Something I wanted to publish so people would know who I was. I admire Karisma for juggling so many things and still giving me time. While I was writing it, …

Flashback. Mumbai Mirror Article

My destiny was set when I was six months old.
At my annaprashan ceremony, I sat on my father’s lap and reached out for the one object that would define me today. A pen. Later, when I was trying my hand at filmmaking, my father reminded me that I was wasting my talent and my future was already fixed. How I embraced it, and where I went from there, was my choice.
The annaprashan ceremony or `mukhe bhaat’ that we Bengalis call it, is the first time a child is fed rice. The six month old sits on an elder’s lap, is first blessed and then fed solid food like kheer. It’s followed by a game where the child has to touch one of the symbolic objects placed on a silver plate. The plate has books – symbolizing he’s going to be a philosopher or a very learned man, jewels or coins representing he’ll be a businessman, a pen – signifying wisdom through writing, and grass or soil indicating he’ll be one with the people or a politician. The plate is held up for the child. And his profession is determine…

Love in The Digital Age: The Dos & Breakups

You would think that with all the technology available, it would be easier to find love in the digital age. It’s not. Here are a few tips to get it right.
3 Facebook Rules –
·Do Not Friend Him First! If you’ve identified someone you like who is a friend of a friend, first ask your friend to mention you offline. Let him send you a friend request. Moreover, even after that, you need to wait for about 24 hours before you accept. Let him know you’re “considering” it.
·Tagging, Commenting, Liking –If you comment, like or write on his wall every day, he’ll lose interest and run away. Why? Because he will think you’re a stalker who could be more dangerous in the real world than the virtual one. Tagging him in all your photos saying “wish you were here” is screaming hopeless. Comment on birthdays or promotions with a simple Happy Birthday or Congrats. Adding extra exclamations, smileys and “When do we celebrate” makes you look desperate.
·Statuses - Be careful of adding single, complicated or …