Giving Back on Christmas

I flew to Bangalore a few days before Christmas. My grandmother had a stroke that left her bed ridden and without the ability to speak clearly. It was horrible to see her like that. A shock that left me wondering what Christmas was really about.

Throughout the years I've put up a Christmas tree in my house and presents underneath for my family and especially my own daughter. Every year they open it with a small smile, a polite thank you and keep it aside to go back to doing what they were already doing.

Then everyone would go out for lunch and we would see massive decorations around the city with people shopping, eating and admiring the festivities.

This year I understood what a genuine smile was, an amazing present is and what festivities really mean.

I decided on Christmas morning that on behalf of my grandmother and I, I would go buy chappals for street kids and distribute them. I went to a store and asked for the best kind with cartoons on them, soft soles and great quality that would last at least the winter.
I picked up around 50 to distribute and went to the basti.

The kids went mad. They loved the chappals. I saw a few mothers snatch the boxes from my hand and a few boys pushing to get them. So I made a few girls wear the chappals on their feet instead of handing them over.

The children came and hugged me later and said Merry Christmas. I knew that it really was a special day.
I'm going to make this a tradition every year so my daughter starts giving as well and can pass on the legacy.
Needless to say we had yummy home food that day and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves without opening any presents.

I wish you a Merry Christmas! Be with the people you love, but love giving to the people who need it.


Rutsss.... said…
Joy of Giving.... a wonderful feeling.. grt deed... mny wld learn frm this article... humanity and compassion
Thanks Rutsss
Hope people realise that it's quite simple to give when you want to.

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