Tuesday, January 6, 2015

10 New Year Resolutions To Think About

1. I will try to understand the people who are important to me and give them attention. I will not focus on negative people and trying to fix their problems.

2. I will not let petty things bother me. There is a larger game play in action. I will focus on that.
3. I will raise my children to be equal and kind and understanding. I will not give in to every demand of theirs.

4. I will meditate every day for at least 15 minutes. I believe in a higher power and my inner power. I will tap into that when I’m depressed, lonely, upset, disappointed, angry, or annoyed.
5. I will walk/jog/gym/yoga at least five times a week. Not just to be thin but to be fit for life. 

6. I will not feel guilty about taking time for myself and understanding what my soul desires. Even if this means skipping a few lunches and dinners with friends and important people.

7. I will not be indifferent to the needs of others. I will donate clothes, money, time and energy to those who are in need and it will not include family and friends.

8. I will realize that I need to work to earn money but it’s not what defines me. I have many layers of myself to discover and I will take new chances. 

9. I will not let people, situations, opinions, and other’s success affect me. I will not be filled with self doubt! My time will come. I will work hard today to fulfill my goal. 

10. I will not share every idea, every moment, and every picture of me on a social media site. I do not need appreciation or validation. I am complete in myself. My moments are precious to me and I cherish them.

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Vinod Sharma said...

Well articulated a 'Charter' one can dream of. The efforts in drafting the same definitely deserves appreciation. May you as well as all those who go trough it, be blessed enough to follow it, religiously. Amen !

Pl. don't take it otherwise. I have drafted so many similar charts before but couldn't ever accomplish observance.

Wish you Best of Luck this year.
Vinod Sharma Bansi

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