Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Importance of Loneliness

A friend told me recently: It’s been a year since my divorce. Maybe I should find a man. I’m so lonely.
And that got me thinking.

What is wrong with loneliness?

It’s the most powerful emotion to have.

It’s not from happiness, peace or ambition that we grow. It’s from loneliness. So many couples think that marriage and being with another human being is supposed to fill a void. But no one realizes that even if you’re with someone that void is a gift. 

Loneliness is powerful. 

It gives you a sense of what you’re lacking. And that lack is not just time with your spouse. It’s a lack of more energy in your life. It’s the universe’s way of telling you are so much more. What more do you want to do. Besides this person in your life, what else can you be? And only from loneliness will your soul grow. 

It’s sad when you see couples just being together all the time. Doing the same things. Feeling the same way having common emotions and values and hooping for the same dreams of bigger houses better cars good education for kids. And then partying together, spending every minute either together or in filling their time with people and work. 

So often we shun loneliness thinking that it is negative. It makes us depressed. Not being able to understand that it is highly under rated. We must embrace it. And from there we will grow. Enjoy your time alone. Enjoy your space. And reflect on yourself. Be lonely. It’s worth it.


Tarang Sinha said...

I think, silence is bliss and we all need that at some point of time. It comes from loneliness. Loneliness gives you some time to think. To realize the importance of life. And yes, it is powerful! Nice read :)

Anonymous said...

It all dpends how one uses a strength or weakness.....I agree with your point of view though and would use it as a strength

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