Monday, October 29, 2012

Love Guru Advice: Husband Buys Me Ugly Clothes!

Dear Love Guru,
My husband buys me very expensive clothes that I don’t like! He hates my choice and insists I wear what he gets me. It’s stressing me out.

Dear Suman,
Are the expensive clothes that bad? Many women would be happy if their husbands shopped for them. It shows he cares. Having said that, if you really don’t like the clothes, you can exchange them for what you do like. If you can’t do that, make an excuse for not wearing them all the time. Maybe fibbing about not getting the blouse made for the sari he bought, or that your office doesn’t like such colours, or even that you’ve lost weight and need to get it altered could discontinue his insistence and maintain peace in the house. You might need to give in to his choice occasionally. For a family function where all his relatives would be, you should ask him what you can wear and he will feel he’s participating in your dressing. Maybe at the function you can confide in your husband’s relative saying you feel awkward in the clothes he has bought and maybe an outside perspective would discourage him from buying you more stuff that is expensive. They can then talk to him about it. You can also go shopping with your husband where both of you can come to a common decision about clothes. Have a nice lavish lunch afterwards to make up for the arguments you may have. And if you still don’t like your clothes, you can always donate them to charity!

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