Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Love Guru Advice: Instant Attraction

Dear Love Guru,
I invited a few friends over and I had this instant connect with a man who I ended up spending the entire evening with. He gets me better than my husband does and I’m insanely attracted to him. Is this my true love?

Dear Tahira,
I’m not denying the fact that True Love can happen outside a marriage. But this man “gets” you just because you want him to and because your husband hasn’t been spending enough time with you. Women love being “understood,” appreciated and celebrated. When you got married, your husband was doing that. Now he’s trying to do more for you than just sit and talk to you for hours. He’s saving for a future, for the dreams you told him you wanted to have with him. Honestly! A part of you may want to take up the “challenge” of getting the other man to fall in love with you. Somewhere you might think he makes you feel desirable. This is all dangerous territory my friend. Close your eyes and picture yourself with each of the men separately, in a house, being a wife, a mother of their kids, and living a life, having a career and travelling with them. If those are your final goals, then make the correct choice with the correct man. Give that man a chance. Be true whether it’s your husband or not… True Love should happen within your marriage.

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