Love Guru Advice: Scared of the wedding night

Dear Love Guru,
I’m getting married next month and am quite anxious about the wedding night. I’m a virgin. Are there any tips for not goofing up?

Dear Priyanka,
Congratulations on remaining a virgin until you get married. Wonderful achievement. Don’t worry about the wedding night too much. The more you worry, the more you will be tense. You need to enjoy yourself. Connect with your husband. If it’s in a hotel, keep the room temperature to a comfortable degree for both of you, instead of feeling too cold. Also, make sure that you put the do not disturb sign outside your door and on your phone so you have enough privacy. Start with foreplay. Kissing, cuddling, necking, touching gently, slowly removing each other’s clothes, softly running your fingers down each other’s back and gently to other areas. Don’t be intimated. This is your spouse. Ask each other what you want and do those things like kissing more behind the neck or lying down and him kissing you all over your back. Wear some satin/sexy lingerie and a light perfume. Don’t rush into the act. It may hurt a bit if you’re tense but tell him to go slowly and gradually. Close your eyes and let your body relax as if it’s floating on water. Let the tingling sensation take over. Use a lubricant if you need to. Also, figure out if you need to use a condom or take an emergency contraceptive the next day in case you don’t want to get pregnant. Have fun!


chitra said…
LoL :) gud...
i was remembering salman and govinda through out my read.
Anonymous said…
y the opening line of love guru congratulates her for being virgin? is it not common to stay in that state? r v doubting womens character by appreciating her in that "VIRGIN" state?

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