Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Writing Business and Labels. The DNA Review

It's a double edged sword.
This writing business.
I wrote Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas because it was a story I needed to tell. The fact that it had a few sensuous scenes in it hardly took away from the adventures of the protagonist's search for True Love.
The story ended for me there. With Kaveri giving up Arjun and finding Ray, with all her notions of what a perfect man should be subverted into disbelief.
But the publishers loved the idea of Kaveri's story going on. It had sold 50,000 copies! People needed to know more.
So I wrote Mistakes Like Love And Sex.
And now I'm labeled as an erotic writer or as a chick lit writer.
True I can write about relationships and love and sex and a deep loss of it all. I've faced it, embraced it, understood it and can now put it down in words. I don't mingle words about any of the above. There needs to be passion in your writing and it's not just about the sex scenes. I hope I bring that to my books and distinguish myself from other writers and authors. To each their own personality I say.
The publishers required a certain number of scenes in the book for it to do well. They said the readers needed it.
I didn't think so. I told them, "Let me tell you, the fun story of Kaveri finding a new best friend in the spunky Shyamolie and teaching Bela, the actress how to talk dirty and Kaveri's relationship with the older man is what's going to come out the most."
The editor told me, "Nope. The amazing sex scenes will."
WE had a bet.

Tell me who won?


Profile said...

Don't mind but the character of Kaveri search for true relationship and for that she beds willingly /unwillingly.It is difficult to digest and lock of true relationship is not open by pleasure key's.
Dont you think its gonna tabboo you as erotic writer.

MY ALTER EGO..!!! said...

The undisputed winner on this is YOU..coz the sex scenes were intense without any doubt BUT the real emotions were poured in the friendship n relationship n not on BED per se..I was more glued to the book when she waited for Ayaan's call and had that lengthy conversations with him instead when they were enjoying the BENEFITS of being friends ;)

Madhuri Banerjee said...

Dear My Alter Ego,
This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much. I write a story and the sex scenes are supposed to be fun and sensuous and a natural progression. I'm so glad that the relationship part was understood and appreciated.

Madhuri Banerjee said...

Tabboo is a strong word. And a complicated one too. I write what I feel. The society labels me. It's ok. As long as the book sells I'm good :)

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