Sunday, November 11, 2012

CNN-IBN Chat: Are relationships getting more complicated as time progresses?

Wanted to interact more with people who were having relationship problems. Felt that too many people asked me questions on Twitter and I was unable to answer only in 140 characters. Some things needed more explanations. So CNN-IBN decided to do a chat with me and for one hour I interacted with people in a chat room. From answering questions on who's my favourite superhero to how to manage a boyfriend who only thinks about porn, I answered all questions.

Read, learn, enjoy, laugh and join me next time!  

1 comment:

Cave Man said...

Pretty bad answers though. You seem to ve nill insight when it comes to answering on relationships. It is an honest observation when you said - Make her happy''. If one can not be happy on herself/himself that person would always suffer no matter how much one make her/him happy. It is it.


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