Thursday, November 22, 2012

Talking about Mistakes Like Love And Sex on 94.3FM with Hrishi K.

So my interview with Hrishikesh Kannan was on air today at 9am on 94.3 FM.

Was super excited that a friend of mine arranged the meeting. He told me to go with the flow. He had already read my book Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas and had a copy of Mistakes Like Love And Sex that he was going through before we started. Couldn't believe that he had read it cover to cover in just three days!

I told him that I was a bit nervous and my voice was "tilly" so didn't know how I would sound on the radio. Had been trying to get a cold for the last 3 days so I could have more base and sound sexier. He said it didn't matter.
I also told him to cut when I fumbled and retake it. He laughed and said - people care more about personalities than fumbling. So be yourself.

So I tried to be myself. Spoke about Kaveri the protagonist of my book. Spoke about relationships, my column in Asian Age and CNN-IBN. Spoke about the difference between men and women and how I would love to write a screenplay that Ranbir and Hrithik could do together. I spoke and I spoke!

So he told me he did need to play some music. The interview had the best bits.
I'm uber glad that my dream of going on the radio came true.

Hope you guys tuned in. Here's the full version in case you missed it:
Tell me what you thought!

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Dhruv Gaur said...

Great Ma'am but i missed it :(. Ma'am please upload the podcast asap would like to listen.

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