Saturday, October 11, 2014

Are Relationships Necessary?

Was pondering this a few nights ago. Got the answer back from a friend today. Thought I shd blog abt it. What do you think?

Q. Are relationships meant to stagnate? Or die out? Or do ppl carry on bcos they believe in that love and find new shades? Do the relationships even matter in the long run?

A.In my opinion- almost all  relationships tend to follow a pre-determined course because of the common denomination of human behaviour. Comfort and subsequent stagnation and lethargy are therefore common consequences in a romantic one. Relationships matter till you are determined to play an active part in society- so their failure or success affect one's idea of well being. As to the importance of a single relationship, that's entirely dependent on the people involved. No relationship is indispensable. How important a role it plays in yur personal happiness quotient is what determines when its time to let go.

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Anonymous said...

kudos !!! I love the way you explain about relationship's. It was a happy moment when i met you last day on Lit festival. :)

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