Scandalous Housewives Book Review

By The Dehradun Post

More than raunchy tale of Lust, Kinky Sex!

Madhuri Banerjee is back with another racy read on love and relationships titled ‘Scandalous Housewives: Mumbai’. The book revolves around the lives of four housewives living in a residential high rise of Mumbai. As the parallel stories of these four women progress forward, the reader is compelled to ponder upon the role a housewife (read homemaker) plays in a family.

The book promises a raunchy tale of lust, lies, betrayal and of course a final show down but I would urge you not to judge the book by its cover. At many points the novel surprises the reader by the immense depth of its female characters and their paradigm shifting portrayal. Amidst the kinky sex episodes and saucy secrets, the author portrays the ‘lovely ladies’ in bold colours of liberty, breaking all forms of restraint; pushing all boundaries and stepping over all thresholds.

The plot of the story, though thin through the initial half, gathers pace as the story progresses. The lives of the four friends entangle in a meshwork of explosive lies and as all of them strive to maintain the peace of their households, a threatening email shatters everything to the floor; and this marks the real and ultimate test of their ties of friendship. However will they survive?

I must mention here that the plot is a little unfathomable and shaky at certain points, being a major turn off. This line marks my favourite point in the novel – “The best thing a father can give to a child is respect to the mother.”

If you’re looking for a masala weekend read, I’d say go for ‘Scandalous Housewives: Mumbai’ and you may end up with a little more than you bargained for.

I have purposefully not given it any ratings since I wrote the review keeping in mind that the reader would pick it up just as a weekend read. I haven’t judged it with the same standards as I would an Ayn Rand book. I hope that’s okay.

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A said…
I finished the book yesterday night after burning the midnight oil :) I loved it! Here's my review
Thank you Athira. Please post this on your FB wall for your friends to read and hopefully buy the book :)
MithBlogs said…
Hi Madhuri,
I read your book a week ago and trust me, I desperately wanted to write back to you. The book is so wonderfully written, I could not hold myself back. I am a newly married guy and although everything written in the book, does not apply to me in personal life, the 4 girls just came alive in front of me. Everything they did seemed so wrong and yet so right!! I could not keep the book down for a minute. Lovely book and I am really looking forward to reading other books you have written. Kudos to you for a gripping read
So glad you liked it. Hugs. Keep reading!
laxmi sinha said…
Loved ur book totalky

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