Scandalous Housewives: The first reaction

The box comes. I know what it is. I scream in happiness. The months of preparation. A whole year of living with the idea. Endless worry. Prayers for it being right. Weeks of being anti social. I rip open the box and hold my fifth baby in my hands. Scandalous Housewives.

I know the fight it has taken to come out. But how will it do now?

It can only be a success if everyone buys a copy. It takes time and effort to make the book. A compromise on your social and family life because you believe in a career. You believe that this is the only thing that you want to do for the rest of your life. You believe that good writing will triumph great marketing. You believe that friends will spread the word. You believe that the power of a story will put food on your table. You believe the days of loneliness will be worth it. And you release your book into the world hoping that your dream won't die and your year won't be a waste. And that someone will order it. How stupid writers are na?

Order #ScandalousHousewives here if you like my work and believe in reading a great story:


Hey Ma'am....

Though I get little time ( as being a new mom :) )for me but surly I am not gonna miss your next book, now Advantage Love is still running....
congrats for the book, keep writing and keep rocking.

Regards- Supriti Banerjee (Your BOLD follower)
Thank you. Hope you'll like Scandalous Housewives too. Lots of love

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