Thursday, June 9, 2011

Monsoon Memories

 It’s raining again.
I just put the clothes away.
I’m sitting here in this corner of mine.
Close to nothing, and away from it all.
It’s so silent. Peaceful.
And yet there is something missing.
I can see the rain softly speaking to me.
It’s been so long since someone spoke to me.
No, not the regular stuff. They don’t matter.
Fake smiles. Artificial laughter. My life.
What is it now.
People talking. More promises.
The rain lashes down. Forcing me to remember.
And then there was you.
I tried to forget.
I moved on.
Time was supposed to heal me.
It never really does.
Do you remember?
Me…those times… that song..
The rain.
I run my fingers down my face…softly..
Just the way you used to.
My skin tingles.
It doesn’t go away you know.
The memories.
They don’t die.
I don’t know if I love you still.
I don’t know if I even want you back.
I just know that it’s this damn rain
It’s pulling my body to you.
Like we did that day.


musingz...unlimited said...

Memories... Oh memories... showering with the rains... painful, yes... the thought of having you back... pain is here again...

Anonymous said...

two realities in the same space at the same time

and that's the way it will be...

My Life...can't help it out!!! said...


Manasi(newmumontheblock) said...

Nice, very evocative! Hey you should get your poetry published next, what say?

Bharathi said...

Your writing, be it on the blog or your book, seems to be my thoughts as if somebody has stolen them from my heart and poured it in words. Can't express how else I should let you know that i adore your writing :)

Anonymous said...

you just rock dude ..... completely blown over by your style of writing .I dont know how you just put the words togehter to say the things many of us always wanted to scream out....Great work...

Madhuri Banerjee said...

So happy so many people feel like me :)

Anonymous said...

wow !!! it touched me....thanks !!

Anonymous said...

Beyond Awesomeness... :)

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