5 Women Every Man Wants...But Should Never Have!

 A fun blog post to make us laugh. :)
 1.       The Celebrity – Whether it is an Angelina Jolie or a Katrina Kaif, every man wants to be with a hot, desirable celeb. If she has done an `item number’, even better. If she is unattainable and mysterious, it drives him wild. The ability of the celeb to be multi talented gives it an even greater edge. Not only is she hot, but she is powerful. Some men even have the `celebrity worship syndrome’ where they feel they need to “protect” the celeb from vicious talks about her. Men have a vivid imagination when it comes to celebs. They can immediately put themselves in the shoes of the man right alongside the celeb. They think that they are Brad Pitt in the bedroom, the Akshay Kumar in the rain song, or even a Transformer attacking Megan Fox in a movie. They can visualize her in front of them and better yet, if there is an mms scandal, they will download it and visualize themselves filming it. The celeb however loses her edge when she gets pregnant. This undesirable factor remains until she can be a yummy mummy again.
2.       The Colleague – At some stage there has been some colleague that a man has eyed. She might be his junior from the same department, or someone who works closely, or even his boss. This woman might have given him what he feels is a “vibe” at some point of time. This is enough to set the ball rolling. Even though there is a high level of danger attached to it, the “hunt” is what makes this woman most desirable. Here is an opportunity to prove that he is intelligent, charming, witty, rich, and powerful. If she is popular, it becomes even more of a challenge and fixture in a man’s mind. This fling however has a very high degree of becoming sour and the workplace becoming a battlefield.
3.       The College Queen – He was a nerd in school. His aim was to become an IAS officer or a doctor, professions that required dedication, and no time for socializing with the opposite sex. Moreover, the most admired woman on campus was someone he would never get. This woman was wooed by the `cool’ boys or the rich ones who had their father’s cars. She would never sit in a bus with a man who had taken Physics as a major. This woman has always been the regret of the man’s life. If he finds her, and even if she is married, he will yearn to be with her, even for a day. She is the one who got away from his wily charms. She is the one who never got to know what a good human being he was. Hence the need to be able to tell her finally. This desire however dies down if she has put on weight and is no longer the same vision she was, twenty years ago!
4.       The Waitress – Somewhere, sometime, in some travel of a man, there has come across a dainty, pretty, - little thing with hair that smells like honey and skin that is soft and supple. Her lips are rosy and her smile inviting. She has probably asked him something that the wife in all her years has never inquired, “What can I get for you today?” The simplicity of that sentence, the warmth of her hands, and the sweetness in her voice is just about enough to drive a man mad. It is probable that he might be in an inebriated state of affairs and unable to distinguish whether she is single or not. It is also probable that she could be much younger and in a coffee shop. The waitress is someone who does not need to be chased, `understood’, or loved. She is wanted. This relationship, however easy it may seem leads to complications since this woman might know many thugs who go to the gym regularly and are not afraid of proving their strength against the man.
5.       The Ex – This woman is someone the man knows very well. He has been with her for many months/years and is comfortable with her. Suddenly, she has moved on. She has found a new boyfriend and she has changed the way she looks. From being a dowdy, nagging girlfriend, she has become the super sexy yet unattainable lady. And now he wants her back. However, the man doesn’t want her back forever. He just wants her back for a time being so she realizes how much she needs him. The bond that never severs needs to cut somewhere since the next time the man decides to break up with her, he might find himself in a paternity suit.


Yash Aggarwal said…
Hi Madhuri,,,

very beautiful insight for every1 to connect with....

sachin said…
Very important insight.. hope its followed by everyone
Hey Madhuri !! True and good one :-)...But what do you think to write same thing about women? :-) ... If we guys to think about Angelin or Priyanka Chopra then Women also thinks about Tom Cruise or John :)
mukesh chandra said…
HI Madhuri,

Excellent one .Everyone will like it.

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