Sunday, June 26, 2011

Twitter Contest - Free Give Aways of Madhuri's Wardrobe!

 I've recently crossed 1000 followers mark, as a gratitude I am going to give some gifts to my twitter followers.

All they have to do

a.Follow me on twitter!/Madhuribanerjee

b. Go to LMVODI page on the facebook

b. Click like (this is required for tagging)

c. Click on 'tag this photo' link and type in your twitter id  - @yourname

Still confused check out the utube video to do it-
 If you're the winner, you will get the accessory or attire. And if you live in Mumbai, I might even give it to you in person!

This contest is only for my twitter followers. So get a twitter handle soon and you could become a lucky winner of designer stuff ;)


Yash Aggarwal said...

Hey Madhuri,

Congrats for huge fan following... I wish to grab this opportunity if meeting u bt i dun hv a twitter account :-(

Read newly posted articles on my blog...hope u'll like dem...


Madhuri Banerjee said...

It's easy Yash. All you need to do is make a new account at Twitter. You can use any name to sign in. And then you can start following me and tag yourself on my photo at fb. :)

Harsh9 said...


Yash Aggarwal said...

i hv created new twitter acc jus for dis :-) dun wanna miss ne chance to meet u :-)

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