TOP 10 BOOK LIST: Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas

My book made it to the TOP 10 List!!!
And I didn't even have to pay anyone or rig it! Honestly! There IS a GOD!

I had been working like a mad person trying to achieve something for so long; Trying to find a footing onto something that would give me happiness from the inside even if it didn't gave me any money..not that I was making any with any other job..but it was time I did something for myself and something for my daughter to be proud of me for. I wanted to leave a legacy for her. I didn't know what.

Sunday Hindustan Times paper found it for me. The legacy I could leave my daughter.

I know my 15 mins of fame will die out and people will forget me. I know I don't need to harp on this achievement and drag it out. I know there will be brickbats from so many..most of them friends...
But I also know that this gives me an incentive to do better, write better, be better. It makes me realise that I don't have to go to an ac office to work 20 hours a day to earn for my child. It makes me realise that the path not taken might be a better one....The dreams that took so long to be fulfilled will come true...And belief and patience are the virtues of a strong soul.

I'm happy for that little bit that I've got for now... 


harini calamur said…
congratulations - well done :)
kooks said…
Your convictions are going to take you places. Just believe in yourself.
Congratulations, this was a really inspiring post. I'm sure you daughter will be really proud of you :)
ghosh said…
well done. I have been following your blog post and they are funny and serious at the same time. I think you deserve this.
Madhu Nair said…
Congratulations !
Was introduced to your blog recently. It is always nice to see folks excelling in fields other than their regular day jobs.
Naina Gupta said…
Hey Madhuri,
I found your blog after reading the International Chick Lit Month website.
Your book sounds like such a great read.

Congratulations on making the top ten!
Thank you so much! Keep enjoying and posting feedback!
Anonymous said…
Hi...just read 2 of your books..scandalous house wives and my clinchy was kind of an eye opener for know women apart from societies rigid perspective.....thank you so much for writing these books

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