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CLASS OF 11 Madhuri Banerjee

My First Time
by Madhuri Banerjee, the Mumbai-based author of Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas
I was talking to a friend of mine a few months after my child was born. I asked her how her love life was and she said very sarcastically, “What love life! I’m still a virgin!” And that became the germ of an idea for the book Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas. Here was a woman who was successful and pretty and she was still a virgin. So I wrote a story about a woman who had been waiting for her True Love to come so she could lose her virginity to him and maybe marry him.
I see that women all over the world are becoming more and more like my protagonist Kaveri who waits to lose her virginity to the right guy. Even though women are aware of their sexuality, they still believe that they want to lose their virginity only to the correct man. My book explains the quest for true love, the pitfalls of losing oneself to a bad relationship, the man’s point of view of being commitment phobic and the search for one’s identity. It’s a fun and breezy read that has layers if you want to read it again. I learnt a lot about myself while writing it. I hope people will learn something when they read it.

I’m hoping to make this book into a film and a play. And I’m optimistic that people will see me as a writer who can write screenplays, books, columns in magazines, agony aunt advice in newspapers and give me a chance to touch people’s lives in any way I can. I’m working on my second novel as well as short stories and the spin-off of Kaveri’s adventures in the sequel as well.


Naina Gupta said…
This was a great post.
I must say your book has opened my eyes to a type of Indian I did not even know existed. We over here are taught to hold on to the culture of over there, so we all have stereotypes about religious and chaste people. Now from your book I see that some Indians are like those in the West who do still worry about being a virgin.
I hope I have another India trip soon so I can go into a shop and buy your book.

(PS, I have an interview posted on that website too)
Anonymous said…
u have got a midas pen whatever u write turns to be golden lines thanx.@kabeersandilya
Read ur book once,it is fabulous,just loved it.Ur style of writing is very different and catchy.Started to read ur book fr the 2nd time.
Thank you so much. I'm sure you're going to take back more from a second reading :)
Shilpa said…
Madhuri- first of all, congrats on your book! can't wait to read it. and second, and so random, but i remember you from taking our Jamia entrance exam together.. i went on to IIMC instead, then print journalism, and now international development.
i was a virgin till about 34, until i decided to do it since i wasn't meeting Mr Right anytime soon :) no regrets. but i don't condone those who decide to wait, either...
Yash Aggarwal said…
Hi Madhuri,

Its great to have such wonderful young writers who write something different & your book has definately touched my soul. I am an aspiring writer & would like to learn lessons of writing from you & to work with you. Kindly go througn my blog & if the stuff please you then pls mail me your contact details. I am really looking forward to work with you or atleast meet you once.
Shilpa - Awesome. It's women like you who inspire me. Hope we can connect over coffee soon!
Yash - Thank you for your generous compliments. Would love to meet over coffee soon and discuss our blogs :)
Naina - Made plans to come to India yet? :)
Yash Aggarwal said…
Hey Madhuri,

I would die for having a "Cup of Coffee" with you :-) In just a day I have already read most of your articles dumping my current book. Hope to see ur comment on my blog & to have a "Cup of Coffee" with you soon.

Cheers !!!
Yash Aggarwal said…
Hi Madhuri,

I have been there for complete 2 hrs @ ur interview at IBN live & got to know you a bit. Thanks for answering all my ques. I am still left with 1 more ques... Can I get chance to work with you ? When can we meet ??

sonam master said…
i just love your novel......

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