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Mumbai Mirror : STRICTLY FOR SINGLES - My article.


Strictly for Singles

Madhuri Banerjee, author of the book Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas, lists the top 10 things a girl should do before she finds a man 
Date Blindly

Go on an online dating site and register yourself. Blind dates are fun. They are a great reminder to why you waited. You don't need to lose your virginity to any of those men. Ask your friends to fix you up with people.
The more you're out there with different folks, the more your confidence increases. When the time comes to lose your virginity, you will know it is for the right reason with the right man. Invest in variety and choose wisely.Travel wisely

Be it alone or with your girlfriends, travel to a place you’ve never been to, but always desired to visit. Let the place be tourist friendly, safe, and filled with men who can speak your language and find you `exotic’.

There’s nothing like a foreign man who has a crush on you to make you feel divine. A good book or the photos, which you’ve taken, will make for good conversation starters.Fall Madly

Try an adventure sport like bungee jumping or river rafting. The scare and the confidence later will help when it’s time to lose your virginity. Nothing could be that bad, that exhilarating, or that memorable. The big moment becomes a piece of cake!

Shop Profusely

Don’t go off and buy things that you "need" and things that are "useful" like towels and soap dispensers. You need to go shopping for that sexy lingerie, satin nighties, plunging dresses, and high heels.

To get into the correct mood, you need to feel it. Every day. Wear the lingerie at night, even if you have no one in your life. Strut around in your dresses and heels in the day. You need to feel sexy. Once you know you’re in the groove, things will be effortless.House Sensibly

You need to stay with a roommate or alone. You need to come home to a painting you bought and hung up, to a cook who has made food that you craved for and not to a mother who asks how your day was.

While parents are perfectly fine as caregivers, they’re not going to approve of you losing your virginity. Moreover, if you plan to do it in their house, it becomes even shadier. Is that what you really want to remember, because you will remember it! Advice: If you build it, it will happen.

Converse Sexily

Memorising the morning papers, surfing the net for quantum physics and speaking the language of the geek is not going to help. While you might love to be an intellectual person, understand the nuances of the superficial topics as well.

Conversation might not always be about nano technology and you need to be prepared for a lighter question like "Were you scared while watching Ragini MMS?" Instead of "Is Apple finlly ending the dominance of Microsoft ?"

Be hygeinic regularly

Get your teeth done. Check for fresh breath. Most of the time, people forget basic things in life. If you smoke, or do not floss regularly, it is best to get your teeth a makeover. Shiny white teeth are a turn on. Bathing regularly and wearing fresh clothes are ‘bare’ necessities.

Turn on body language

Stand up straight,  tummy in, feel taller. If you’re going to slouch and run around looking sweaty, you’re not going to get laid anytime soon. Learn how to make eye contact, toss your hair, twirl the curls, perfect the softest smile, and cross your legs demurely.

Now not all this will probably lead to the exact moment, but if you’re interested in a person, it might help in the future.

Gaze besottedly

Learn to switch off from alternative lives (read: social networks) and have meaningful conversations with the person in front of you. If you don’t know how to laugh at another person’s joke without looking at your mobile, or secretly pray the evening will end so you can upload the photo of yourself on Facebook, you are in serious trouble.

It is the age of technology but a human being in front of you who is interested in you is a rare find. That person has taken time out to spend it with you and if both of you are on a mobile, it would be better if you went home and “bbm’d” him.

Harvard psychologist Zick Rubin began recording the amount of time lovers spent staring at each other and discovered that those deeply in love look at each other 75 percent of the time when talking and are slower to look away when someone else intrudes.

Larning to look at someone instead of being distracted helps in connecting with another person. Tweet another day!

Speak positively
You need to be a positive person first. Look at life with rose-tinted glasses instead of those sharp, horn- rimmed, sceptical ones. Stop being critical, gossipy and cantankerous. Instead, be more bright, bubbly and cheerful.

Being a whiner about your stress issues is not going to help bring in the man or get him turned on. People like being around happy people. Positive is sexy.


Dean6790 said...

Hey Madhuri,
Great article and of course, great book. Hope publications like these serve as eyeopeners to every Indian trapped inside our rigid social structure. Wanting to have fun yet clinging to the ideals of these so called 'sanskaars' not knowing that the Hindu people were an openly sexual race(see:kama sutra, tantra etc) prior to the foreign invasions over 1200 years ago.

Bringing about openness would most benefit, a huge and growing minority of young men who are forced to resort to seemingly unnecessary, risky and maybe even anti-social means to fulfill their physical desires putting themselves and the nation at a great risk, among other benefits.

On a lighter note, it would also benefit a very tiny minority of us, returning after living in western settings who often have close encounters with ethnic Indian ladies footwear, every time we approach an Indian woman in a manner deemed acceptable and maybe even liked by western women.


p.s. sorry about the long post.

Madhuri Banerjee said...

Love the long post.
Thank you for your comments :)

Shrikant Lokhande said...

Great Article.!
This is surely help to new generation and current too. As i see many of people still childish attitude and some other mood, mainly i found this in women's behaviour. So you learn the new and possitive things, show your +ve attitude, always ready for new things.
Change your mindset, look to people who near to you. make your Goal's in right direction with your family.
This is "Not for only Womens" everytime, but most the time. :)

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