BookChums reviews Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas

Madhuri Banerjee
Posted on: May 10th 2011,7:45 AM Tue
This, I won’t call a chick-lit but more of a, mirror of our society today is worth a read.
The story is about a 30-year old, single, intelligent, smart, urban girl – Kaveri, who unable to hitch with the “right guy” till now decides to go ahead and lose her virginity (with or without love). She is a freelance interpreter who knows seven languages (!!!) but the language of love. *sigh*
In her desperation to “do it” she is assisted/guided by her friend – Aditi.

Kaveri makes a resolution on her 30th birthday to lose her virginity at least, if she can’t find her “love”. Enter Arjun – a smart, intelligent, art lover, well travelled, hot guy. Oh and married! But Kaveri believes that this is “true love” and she pursues it in the hope that Arjun will divorce his wife to be with her. But yes, the twist falls right in place and Arjun announces that his wife is pregnant and cannot leave her. Heartbroken Kaveri realizes her folly and tries to regain control of her life.

Following Aditi’s advice that to get over a man, she needs to get going with another man, in a systematic manner effortlessly, Kaveri ends up “doing it” in a hot air balloon with a younger guy; followed by another “no-strings-attached” adventure; and yet another “quickie” in a café; to finally stumble upon the possibility of a romance on the streets of Barcelona.

In her journey with a lot of highs and lows, Kaveri discovers her sensuality; gets her heart broken; becomes a minor celebrity of sorts after participating in a reality-based contest; and gets caught in the middle of the tough war of love vs. sex.

The story resonates with the lives of quite a few modern Indian women – who in the quest to make it big in their careers give no space to “love” as such and end up satisfying their mere sexual needs with different partners, only to realize sooner or later that “love” cannot be ruled out of life.

Kaveri’s principles and ideas are revamped and molded to suit her needs and desires.
This is no chick-lit with a deep, profound message. It just shows a part of life in the metros. But certain questions do pop up in my mind. Given the fact that Kaveri is living a good life in a metropolitan city with many male friends, why is that she hasn’t found a single guy to settle down with till now? Yes, I’m sure there is dearth of nice/good guys but come on…not one!?!
The premise of the plot sure is good, but the consistency wasn’t maintained. Some parts of the book felt lose while some were absolutely gripping.

The subject is a brave and a bold one and the author has done a fine work portraying the life of a 30-year old virgin in today’s time, who gives in to her needs/desires, though rampantly.
Overall a very enjoyable and entertaining read, given the freshness and the simplistic approach by the author.
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Naina Gupta said…
Hi Madhuri,
I have enjoyed reading all of these links and interviews.
I would like to know whether this book will be realised in the UK. I would love to read it.
Annie Baxi said…
hi madhuri,
i just finished reading your book. i was present at the talk in india habitat centre where you presented your book. i was going through a "not so good" phase in my life when i heard you say that true love is love for yourself. it made a lot of sense to me. i want ahead and bought youe book.
i just finished reading it today (though my exams are around the corner and i should be reading course, i have to tell you i have really enjoyed reading your book. though the protaginist,kaveri,is elder to me by 10 years i can very well relate to her as a person.
this book has taught me a lot about life, following your heart,men and mumbai.
i have really learnt a lot. thank you
looking forward to your next book
Annie Baxi
Hi Annie,
I remember you. I'm so happy you enjoyed the book. Do keep writing in.
And all the best.
Hi Naina,
I am talking to the publishers about UK and US editions. I hope to keep you posted. Till then you'll jsut have to ask a friend from India to send you a copy!
Naina Gupta said…
Tell them that there is a market for British Born Asians who want to read more than culture clash/confusion novels and this book will help them realise that people over in India are just like them.
Naina - check this out and let me know if it works for you?
Arindam Dutta said…
Dear Madhuri,

with all due respect...First of all Kudos for your creation in "Losing my virginity and other dumb ideas"...Forgive me if am being disrespectful to your intellect within my next few lines...but i really could not help it...while going through your book on Page 33...i found Kaveri being picked up in an Ambassador with five men already in there..and adding Kaveri..certainly an eyebrow raiser for an Amby and considering that they were going on a date...I believe this detail might not have been overlooked by your keen eyes..and would surely recommend a revision..forgive me if my understanding is wrong..hope i am not being pugnacious...and amateur..
Annie Baxi said…
hi madhuri
just to clarify i wasent the girl who asked that question. i was present in the audience when you answered it.
just wanted to clarify :)
Vikram Gulati said…
Hi Madhuri,

I ordered your book online on an impulse. O boy, what a lucky impulse it turned out to be. You r really a genius, the book was so lucid, and went with the flow. You took the right decision,in the end, viz a viz Arjun. Wish u could have ended the book there and then on a high. A rather tame ending, but all in all a big thums up. Pl keep writing and would love to connect with u. A suggestion, print your photograph on the cover, in your next book, so that your fans know how gorgeous u look. And please this is a Compliment.

Thank you Vikram. You've made my day. The new cover of the book has a picture of me. So I've taken your suggestion into account :)

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