Monday, May 23, 2011

Dial a Book did an interview with me on Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas..and other probing stuff!!

Let’s Talk About Virginity Baby: An Interview with Madhuri Banerjee

Hi Guys,
It’s been some time since we updated our blog but we’ll try to make up for it in the next few days. For today we have for you a candid  interview with Madhuri Banerjee the author of Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas by our in house book geek Arundati. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Dial-a-Book: What do you think is the perfect age to lose one’s virginity?
Madhuri: 30. Like my character Kaveri.

Dial-a-Book: What happens after virgins lose their virginity? Do they transform into completely different beings?
Madhuri: YES. Have you seen The Lord of the Rings when Frodo wears the ring? It’s like that!

Dial-a-Book: According to you, is sex the only difference between man and woman?
Madhuri:NO. Women’s brains are more evolved.

Dial-a-Book: Do you believe in certain sex etiquette. Or even a gender etiquette? Explain…
Madhuri: Yes. Etiquette: Please ask before you want to have sex.

Dial-a-Book: What aspect of sex is most exciting? What aspect most dumbing?
Exciting: The better half going and getting you a glass of wine post coitus!
Dumbing: When people confuse porn for real life.

Dial-a-Book: Growing up into your twenties, who was your role model, a woman whose sexuality you admired and respected?
Madhuri: Madonna. But I was 9.

Dial-a-Book: What’s the most amazing sex literature you’ve read?
Madhuri: Penthouse letters.

Dial-a-Book: When did you first fall in true-love? Describe?
Madhuri: When I was 2. Since then we’ve understood each other till date. My true love is a Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

Dial-a-Book: It’s remarkable, the many roles you juggle at home and outside it, mother, wife, professional, writer, etc. But what if you were a spinster?
Madhuri: It would be harder.

Dial-a-Book:How do you think spinsters will take to your book?
Madhuri: I hope they like it. Especially since I’m not calling them spinsters

Dial-a-Book: When did you first start writing seriously? How easy/difficult was it to write a book and finding a publisher for it?
Madhuri: I wrote my first book at age 9. Many poems, songs, articles and decades later I wrote another book. Thank God for Penguin who picked it up immediately

 Dial-a-Book: What according to you is the future of Indian TV soap heroine?
Has her journey been a cause of excitement or concern for you? Enlighten us?
Madhuri: Indian TV Soap heroine should now be the single woman enjoying life, traveling and experiencing life for all its myriad ways. It’s been a concern since the repressive serials are making a wrong statement if we want to become a progressive society.

Dial-a-Book: Do you recommend erotica?
Madhuri:Yes. Reading enlightens.

Dial-a-Book: Does sex have anything to do with feminism?
Madhuri: All feminists still love sex.
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