My Cover Letter.

I was contacted by an HR consultant who wanted me to write a cover letter along with my CV. I groaned. Did I have to? Yes, she said, it's very important for employers to know a little bit more about you that goes beyond bullet points. Fine. So I sat and wrote out a cover letter. I don't know how it's supposed to be. But if it's about knowing a little bit more about me, then here goes:

Name of Cover Letter - Creativity:

After becoming a mother I realised how much balance is required if you want to succeed. From being inundated with daily domesticity to churning out a book I finally found myself challenged and fulfilled.
Within a span of two years I wrote a bestselling novel, started a production house, became a columnist for Asian Age, a Blogger for CNN-IBN online, opened a Twitter account, managed a facebook page for my book and created a website for myself. All the while bringing up my child with a minimum support system.
I began to finally understand that multitasking can be done if you know how.
Women are Chief Juggling Officers of the world. By keeping our professional organisation in the loop about our goals and our time while simultaneously demystifying what we do at work to our family, we women can achieve a balance.
That's who I am. A juggler, a balancer, a hard worker. Beyond that are ideas and positive energies.
I love my zumba class to keep me fit and yoga to keep me calm. I read books by the dozen to enlighten me and drink coffee endlessly to rejuvenate me. I travel to give clarity to my life and meditate to bring harmony to my soul.
Laughter fills my days and silence envelops my nights. And wherever there is a void, there is prayer.
I want to be part of creative thoughts, people who work for passion and an organisation who gives respect more than money.
My references shall be my worst critics who I can convince and my 3000 twitter followers who know enough about me and still want more.
I shall make my path and hope Destiny is on my side.


Nishant said…
Superbly written ..... loved it
Gaurav Dhamija said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aathira Nair said…
Inspiring. I am currently in the process of juggling a kid, house and work. And I want to do it. I do not want to sit and become nothing.

PS: Hopped over from Preeti's blog.
Deeply thankful to Preeti for getting more people to read my blog.
Thanks Aathira.
The Pink Orchid said…
I am so glad I found this are my unspoken aspiration..I have finally found it...thank you...bookmarking you right now!!!! And want to read your book...will rush to landmark book shop this weekend. Wow!!
How sweet. Thank you :)
Nightingalejanz said…
Two books old, and Imma huge fan of both ur stories and writing. Great work Madhuri! :) The cover letter cannot be expressed in a more true sense about yourself. All of us write or have written cover letters. And we know we fake so much shit into it.. lol! I wish I can have the attitude to write a cover letter to a company one day like this, and still be proud of it irrespective of what happens later.

Like 'The Pink Orchid' said, I am bookmarking you right now. Keep it coming! :) Cheers, Janz!

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