Monday, January 23, 2012

Love Guru Advice: Long Distance Relationships

Dear Love Guru,I fell in love with a man and we had some amazing dates. Then he got a job abroad and left. Right now, we have a long-distance relationship and it’s becoming stressful. Both of us are middle-class people who can’t afford to travel up and down often. What should I do?
Lost @ Sea

Dear Lost at Sea,
Long-distance relationships are extremely tough. You need to have so much more love, patience and trust than you do with a relationship where you meet often. So start by giving that instead of demanding it.
Use technology to the best of your advantage. Skype often to see what both of you are doing. Text
message each other whenever you think of him.
Make your conversation more about the other person, your common interests, something new you learned that day and how you’re both feeling. Keep the conversations light and fresh. Don’t get boring. If it starts dragging, take a break for a few days and then come back and talk to him.
Never blame the other person for not being there for you. Keep “distance” as a state of mind. Think that he lives at the other side of town and he cannot be with you right now.
Also, remember to keep it naughty and interesting. Let your imagination run wild. Work hard and earn enough to take a vacation once a year to see each other.
After all, love is worth the effort. Have a goal. Work towards it.
All the best!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic post, I really look forward to updates from you.

african girl said...

It's a very helpful advise indeed!
I really admire your way of thinking about long distance relationship and how they can surpass it even they're far from each other.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

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