Love Guru Advice: Husband Ignores Me.

Dear Love Guru
My husband refuses to pay attention to me. During the week, he's busy with work and on weekends, he either plays golf or sits and watches TV. Please tell me how to break out of this rut.
Deeply Disappointed

Dear Disappointed,
It seems your husband has not transitioned from bachelor life to married life. He still feels it’s his life and you need to adjust to it. What you can do is start getting involved with his life. Take the initiative to go out for dinners and movies. Pencil in sex every now and then. There are two types of men in the world, the silent ones who like doing things, and the talkative ones whom you can sort issues out with. If your man is more the silent type talking to him about your feelings is only going to piss him off. Plan vacations when you know its holiday time for you, drag him for the movie that you want to see, treat him to a nice hearty dinner without asking him to eat healthy. However, let him be some weekends to sit on his couch and watch TV or play golf while you do your own thing. Individually you need to grow as human beings as much as you need to as a couple. He might never take the initiative. It does not mean you need to give up on it. Think of yourself as the man in the relationship. Then what would you do? Now go ahead and do it!


A Kumar said…
Your husband has a life too.!! Take it easy and give him a break :)
vikram said…
Loved this blog. Posted this on my blog
vikram said…
Kindly post some snaps on my blog.Thanks
vikram said…
Thanks a lot. Since I rate you as my favorite, I would be obliged if you post some of your snaps on my blog.Please send me updates of your posts on my blog. Loved this blog.
african girl said…
I really love your blog. I read 4 topics and it keeps me interested to read more. Well I do agree with you about her husband's attitude towards her wife. My own point of view is that maybe it's his way of relieving his self after the long weekend of working but it seems that ignoring you is not good but since Love Guru is now giving you a very impressive advise I'm sure you will no longer disappointed if you will follow her advise!

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