Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yahoo India's Fab & Fearless Woman

When Gayatri from Yahoo contacted me saying she wanted to do a documentary on me, I honestly thought it was a joke. My life is not exciting. I am a full time writer and mother. Balancing both is not easy but manageable.
But then they decided on a shoot date and the crew came over. I got make up put by a professional and my room was lit up with several heavy duty lights.
And the director said "Action."

What was I supposed to say? I've always been the director. I've directed Juhi Chawla to Sharmila Tagore. I'm shy in front of the camera. The Director was sweet. he asked me questions - Where do I get my inspiration? Since when have I been writing? Does being a mother take away from my writing? And what makes me Fab and Fearless?

They filmed me naturally and kept most of my animated bits!

Felt like a princess for a day. Thanks everyone for buying both my books Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas and Mistakes Like Love And Sex to make me reach this place where I'm considered a role model for young women.

It actually is a slice from my life. This is who I am. And Yahoo India captured it perfectly. Check out the video http://in.lifestyle.yahoo.com/video/playlist/fab-and-fearless/madhuri-banerjee-084409376.html

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Supriti Banerjee said...

Hello Ma'am;

So finally u are here with BANG..!! Everyday I opened my blog to chk whether there something new from your end or not.. bt disappointed.. :(

And finally u are here with a awesome post. And i must say U look GORGEOUS.

Really u are an inspiration. And finally got to know that next year M gonna have your next book in hand. plz lemme know if i can have ur autograph on it, just a request..!!

Keep Rocking..!!

Love- Supriti Banerjee ( A BOLD follower of Madhuri Banerjee )

Arshad Usmani said...

Congrateulations! I read ur both books and enjoyed waiting for the third one. You are truely an inspiration for every Indian woman. You define femininity. I like your writing and your thoughts.

Madhuri Banerjee said...

Thank you Supriti and Arshad for writing in.

Shall keep posting more because you come back and read my blog.

Have a wonderful week!


raunak.only4u said...

I have read both your books...and am waiting for the 3rd one, hope to get soon. I regularly go through the love guru section and do find your solutions as legitimate and logical. Have not posted any question so far cause it was not needed . But surely will seek your advice when time comes. And will keep waiting for your third book... and Fab & Fear video was good too.

Madhuri Banerjee said...

Thank you so much. My 3rd book shd be out end of the year. It's not in the Kaveri series but still another romance. Hope you will like that.
Glad you liked the video too :)

raunak.only4u said...

Hi Madhuri,

Its nice to know that we will have one more practical yet romantic novel by end of this year.But its sad to know that I will not get Kaveri back this time. Well I must admit I did fell in love with Kaveri..and felt many a times that had I ever meet her, I will make sure she be the most cared,loved and pampered lady in this world and will never let her go away. Its sad to know that will not be able to meet my lady in the third book. I guess have to do with it.

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