Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Quick Sand

A Poem

I am your refuge. A world away from your world. A place that you keep special and sacred. A room you find peace and happiness in. A space that you can be yourself in.

I am your retreat. That holiday that you long for. That time that you need from the stress of daily life. That conversation that livens your mood. That person you want to wake up next to.

I am your shelter. From your boss who you don’t get along with. From the traffic when you’re bored. From your wife when you have nothing to say. From your fears when you can’t voice them.

I am your sanctuary. The end of the road. The distant dream that you already have. The thing that you will come back to. The life that you want to start now.

I am your home. When you are done with work. When life gives you time. When family stops making demands. When you are finally free.
I am your last. Priority. Preference. Prerogative. Person

I am your loss.


Destination Infinity said...

"When you are finally free" - Is this state of living actually possible in our modern world? Nice prose-poetry BTW. You have created a new genre :)

Supriti Banerjee said...

Hello Mam;

Hope you are doing great. i'hv already read this post the day u hav upload it, and as always like ur other post this one is also remarkable :). but as a reader and a BOLD FOLLOWER of urs we expect more and more from you.

so it was a gentle reminder that we are waiting for your next post. keep posting it gives a spirit and boost in my daily life.

keep rocking. keep posting. Love u :)

Supriti Banerjee ( A BOLD FOLLOWER of My fav author Madhuri Banerjee )

Madhuri Banerjee said...

Thank you so much Supriti. xoxo

Ink said...

I read parts of "losing V..." I liked it because it wasn't totally chick lit. It's true that I sometimes detested Kaveri but I understood her; her character reminded me of other people who get easily duped regardless of gender.

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