India Today Sexposition Nov 2012 : A Memorable Evening

Nandini Bhalla, me and Randeep Hooda

I was invited to speak at the India Today Sexposition two weeks ago. It was held on November 29th at Blue Frog in Delhi.
I was maha excited. This was India Today. And such a prestigious event that was held annually where the who's who of India came. I went to many stores in Mumbai before I left to pick up a decent dress, shoes, jewellery, purse. All the things that I thought I needed to fit in and had never got before.
So I wanted to look a little prettier than usual and went to the parlour to get my makeup and hair done and then go directly to the venue from there.
So when I got ready, I asked them where all my things were and they said it wasn't there.
"Where is it?" i asked my voice breaking into tears.
The manager replied nonchalantly, "Someone must have taken it."
By then it was time for me to go to the venue where I was speaking on the podium about City Life And Sex.
I could hardly think of anything to do with love or sex when all I was worried about that I was in flat yellow slippers and an old shirt and jeans. I had no time to get anything new.
I flipped out.
Someone located my dress but everything else was gone. It was stolen. I told them to see through their cctv camera to spot the person who cd have stolen it. We spotted a woman who carried a big black bag and seemed suspicious. The manager said that she had gone to a wedding and that I could go to Taj Palace to get my stuff back from her.
I called for some stupid old shoes to the venue and decided I would tackle these people later. I could not miss my conference.

When I got to the venue with just my phone and a smile, I was greeted by Kaveree Bamzai - Editor of India Today who made my mood much better. Then I got to chat with Nandini Bhalla, the editor of Cosmopolitan, Ma Sarita - tantric sex guru, Shobhaa De - author and frank speaker on every topic and the hot Randeep Hooda who was quite inebriated when we got on the panel and flirted with me backstage. I briefly chatted with Bipasha Basu in Bengali.
I even met Kalli Purie and discussed all sorts of comfort foods we loved from bread butter jam to chocolate cakes. And then decided we would not drink before going on stage and speaking and promptly broke the promise when a chilled glass of wine got circulated.

After my discussion, I realised that maybe I didnt need all those frills to begin with. All I needed was to be me. The most powerful people were also the most down to earth. And the evening was one of the most memorable I will ever have probably a little more because of the case of the misplaced belongings.

Needless to say I got a lawyer to call the owner the following day and they miraculously recovered my items when he threatened to file an FIR criminal case against them.

Memories are made of the most unexpected events in our lives. Not the ones we prepare for!

Shobhaa De who said Be Bold always!
No jewellery look
Sanjay Srivastav : Sociologist on Sex

Nandini, me and Kalli Purie


manish arora said…
that shows your courage and capability to handle unexpected situations.
Well done!!
manish arora said…
This shows your courage and your capability of handling unexpected situation.
Really Brave.Well done!!

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