Monday, December 17, 2012

Asian Age Love Guru Column: Not attracted to my husband

Dear Love Guru,
My husband has put on so much weight that I am not attracted to him anymore. He doesn’t care about his body and our sex life has deteriorated. What should I do?
Dear Amrita,
You need to get to the root of why he has let himself go. Is he looking after the kids while managing a career? Is he over worked at office? Is he depressed about something? One evening take some time out and cook his favourite meal or take him out and ask him how you can help him get back into shape. Ask him if he wants to join a gym that you can sponsor for three months. Alternatively, you can take over his time at home with kids while he goes to play a sport. If you nudge him to look after his body, he will make an effort. Do not stock junk food at home. Try to cook healthy meals and packs lunches for him to take. Be sure to let him eat some special treats occasionally. Maybe you can go for a walk together instead of him doing it alone. It’s important to just keep the chemistry on in the bedroom instead of focusing on the negative. If you grumble and complain about his weight while he’s trying to make love, his mood will be off. Men have fragile egos. A healthy family is a happy family. Don’t give up. There’s a fine line between nagging and encouraging. Remember you loved him for more than his body. Be supportive now.


DestinyBlaze said...

The classic routine advice but most effect. I think every woman knows it but forgets to apply. Why?

Madhuri Banerjee said...

I don't think every woman knows it otherwise they wouldn't be writing in to me about the problem.
But even if we forget, it's nice to be reminded sometimes of certain things. Hearing it from an outsider just reinforces the belief.


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