Monday, April 30, 2012

Love Guru Advice: Lusting After Best Friend's Boyfriend

Dear Love Guru,
I’m attracted to my best friend’s boyfriend. And I think he’s attracted to me. Whenever we all go out, he gives me these slide glances and flirts with me. He’s tried to talk to me on the phone a few times but I’ve pretended to be busy. I’ve never felt like this for anyone. What should I do?

Dear Meghna
The forbidden fruit always seems to be the most tempting and is proven to be the most bitter. Don’t go down a road where you will hurt your friend and make you feel lousy. It seems that he’s still trying to explore his options while being with your friend. He might do the same when he’s with you! If he breaks his relationship with your friend because his feelings aren’t strong enough for her and then asks you out, you can think about going out with him. But this can only be done after you’ve checked with your friend if it’s ok and she won’t be hurt by it. It’s a long winding road but it’s one that will keep everyone happy. Until they break up and she’s healed, I suggest you avoid him and this group partying. A friendship is built over many years of compromise, camaraderie, caring and bonding. To give that up for a whimsical love affair would make you feel very guilty later. And if he truly loves you he will wait till you’re ready to be with him. If he doesn’t you can try to find a man outside the best friend pool.


Naina Gupta said...

You are so right. If he cheats on this girlfriend, it shows just how loyal he could be when he is with Meghna.
Who knows, maybe his girlfriend knows about these sneaky flirty glances. I would stay away.

Prabhat Sinha said...
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Madhuri Banerjee said...
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