Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Times of India on Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas

‘Women are very judgmental’

‘Women are very judgmental’
‘Women are very judgmental’
Times of India
... says writer Madhuri Banerjee of her own sex, in a chat with us

Chick lit is nothing but a novel with a strong female protagonist that follows her life, through her ups and downs, with a happy denouement. Over the years, chick lit has come to mean fluffy writing of no consequence. But ask novelist Madhuri Banerjee if she thinks chick lit is on its death bed, and she quickly defends the genre, saying, "I am scared to think of it. But I doubt it is dying. I believe chick lit is evolving. It should be more about women's issues and their relationships with people around them. It ought to evolve to involve their children too." Madhuri emphasizes that chick lit will never die because many women would still want to read about themselves. "They'd want to read about how other women deal with their issues," she says. So hopefully, her words turn out to be prophetic. But what does it take to become a writer? "I've been writing every day since I was young. I keep a personal diary. I document everything that happens to me every day. When I started writing my novel, I read my diaries again to understand how I was and felt at a certain age. It also helped me understand how I have grown as a person. Writing helps me evolve as a person," explains Madhuri.

However, to be a writer, you have to inculcate discipline, explains Madhuri. "You may be born a writer. But once you are at the writing table, you must train yourself to channel your thoughts. This is to get a clear picture of where your novel is headed and how your characters are taking shape," says Madhuri. Ask her how life has changed after her novel was published, and she says, "I have always been a gregarious person, but I was very reserved in large groups. After my book, I became more confident and learnt to let go of my inhibitions."

Being a woman does not mean Madhuri has the best things to say about her sex. "Women are very judgmental about each other - whether it's regarding the weight, sex, careers and other things. We are our worst enemies when we should be our best friends. Only then will we have true women's liberation," she signs off.


Afshan said...

Loved this article and Ya writing evolves u as person. Very true!
Keep writing and inspiring us :)

Madhuri Banerjee said...

Thank you so much Afshan :)

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