Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My broken heart is not going to heal
Let it be
This pain is not going to go away
Let it be.
I don’t need that pastry
I don’t want that sympathy
All I want is to
Let it be.

I know all the reasoning
I know all the things I’m supposed to feel
I’ve read all the books that tell me
Time will make it heal…
But for now, all I want is to
Let it be.

I don’t want to move on
I don’t want to linger back
I want to hold on
But I know the truth.
Nothing is going to change
Nothing is going to improve
So for now, all I want is to
Let it be.

I’ve tried and tried
To fight all the negativity
I’ve prayed and prayed
For all that strength
I’ve wished and wished
For life to be better
And I know I have to just
Let it be.

It’s a done deal
We know in our heart of hearts
It’s sad but a true thing
That our lives are drifting apart
I can’t say any more
There’s already so much said
So all we can hope to
Let it be.

I promise you this
I will always love you
I promise you this
You can count on me
I’m not the best at goodbyes.
I’m not good at all
So let’s not call this what it really is
Let’s for now
Let it be. 

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