This blog is not supposed to impress, inspire, inform, encourage, or promote anything. This blog is not meant to make you laugh, cry or any of the other emotions that we all freely have nowdays and really shouldn't be flaunting in public. However, if it does, the onus is completely on you to take what you want from it. Please don't criticize it. No one likes criticism, constructive or otherwise. This blog may contain inappropriate language so children should be warned to get an approval from their parents to read it. If however your parents are not around, don't tell them. This blog may contain words in English, Hindi, Hinglish, Bengali, Marathi, Spanish and any other dialects if it makes sense to me. Even if it doesn't make sense, it might be there. This blog will contain enormous amounts of cribbing, questioning, slandering, swearing, loving, orgasming, hating and other ings on many subjects. Please feel free to add wherever you feel necessary. Pictures will only be put up if I look good in them. I won't be putting pics of random people even if I love/hate them.
Without further ado, let us begin.
Achcha ruko. Sochne to do.


Gaurav Dhamija said…
Caveat* The comments posted on the blog might(not) impress, inspire or inform the blogger and promote an individualistic view.
Consequently, comments might(not) make the blogger laugh, cry, or any of the other emotions that the blogger avoids flaunting in public. The comments might(not) criticize author's perspective. The comments will always be made in a language that blogger (dis)claims to understand. So, before blogging, let’s(not) pause and think.
Basil said…
nice one :) btw, I have only a while ago, added you on my follow list on twiiter, and am looking forward to receiving your book, Losing my Virginity & Other Dumb Ideas. Placed the order along with other reads last nite. Coincidentally, I have written a short story along similar lines. I would appreciate your visit to my blog and constructive feedback on my two short stories up thus far.

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